Mounting, Riding & Slaloming on a 36er!

I made a “pi bar extension” tutorial a while back, and since then I’ve had some requests to make a new video showing me riding the 36er with the extended handle modification I made for it. A little trickier to freemount at first, but you get used to it in time. It’s also nice to have a little entertainment center right in front of you as you ride! :sunglasses:

I especially had fun playing “car-tag”, while I slalomed between a bunch of divider poles in the middle of the street, lol! (Don’t try this at home…well, actually that would probably be a lot safer than on the street, haha!)

(The kid at the end of the video goes totally ballistic! He had just watched me ride my 36er up & over a grass mound, and when he couldn’t do it on his bike, he totally lost it! Reminds me of…me, when I was his age. lol! :p)

Lovely video, I got quite a shock when your arm seemingly extended to extra ordinary lengths after that comment saying you were holding and filming. It didn’t take me long to realise what was going on though :stuck_out_tongue:

That poor kid at the end, “I hate you dad” I couldn’t stop chuckling to myself!

Oh and having speakers on the handlebar? Brilliant Idea! I can’t stand using headphones while riding…now I just have to save up for a 36er so I can do that haha!

Ahh coker beach riding… Beautiful. Probably my favorite episode of Munigeezer yet.

“I hate everybody!” Classic.

Terry, I’ll bet there’s more cash hanging off the front of your uni than the initial cost of the uni itself. One probably would not want to crash with all that extra hardware attached :smiley:

Great filming & riding as usual. Always fun to view your creations, both videos & uni modifications.

Thanks. yeah holding the camera can be tricky, especially when riding with the super long bar! :smiley:

Thanks much. :slight_smile:

His dad replied, “What, it’s not my fault”. Lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I haven’t upd yet since adding the long bar and ipod, probably 'cause I’m riding a little slower and more carefully. :smiley:

Classy ride Terry and a stellar video. The kid was hacked, eh!!!

Thanks Sean. I didn’t realize how much I really love “slaloming” on my 36er! I have some ideas for an awesome slalom course, with a few other surprises! :smiley: