Mounting my MUni (on a 'cycle)

I’m about to buy my first motorcycle, an '84 Suzuki 125 trail bike… and already I’ve got some ideas… uh, oh!

Let’s say I’d like to ride across town to do some MUni. What are my options?

  • Strap it to my back? (How do I avoid the pedals?)
  • Strap it to the cycle?
  • Fashion some sort of towing system (I won’t go more then 35, I promise!)

Your ideas, no matter how outlandish, are welcome…

Strap it across the handlebars.
Find the uni’s center of balance, and strap it accordingly.

Or, if your not going far … and since your bike is rather old…
(any seat rips…?)
… you could sit on the seat post while the uni wheel is strapped to rear fender

I’ve seen a unicycle strapped to the back of a motorcycle. It was the great Floyd Crandall (holder of the original Guinness 100 meter record) coming for a visit to the Redford Club many moons ago. I do not remember the details, but I’m pretty sure there was some sort of horizontal rack on the back of the bike to begin with, and the unicycle was attached to that. It was laying on its side.

Do not attach it to your handlebars. There are lots of more clever ways to make life dangerous for yourself, you don’t need to try that one. This is not a neighborhood bicycle jaunt.

For transport, you can also take one pedal off if needed. This can greatly simplify things if it’s in the way.

You should look into getting a surfboard rack. I see those all the time in Hawaii, and I’m sure there’s some way to mount a uni to it.

Back in college I had a Honda 350 twin road bike with a rear carrying rack.

I would lay the uni on its side, the frame and crank lay between the rails of the rack and the pedal down behind the rack. The seat was right behind my seat as a kind of butt rest. A couple bungees and never a problem.

I don’t think it would have worked so well without the rack though.

Just take the seat/post off and throw it in ur backpack…then just strap the rest on the back! Simple

Have you considered leaving the motorcycle at home, and taking the MUni out for a ride across town and then offroad? If it is too slow and sluggish, try putting shorter cranks on your MUni, and you should arrive there faster. I don’t use a car or motorbike myself and I ride everywhere on my unicycle (apart from travelling inbetween cities in which case I can hitch rides). Maybe your city is bigger than mine, but anyway that is my outlandish idea.

I transport my uni on my motorcycle by taking the wheel off bungy cording it to my luggage rack.

Since your one a dirt bike it is unlikel you have a luggage rack so do the following:

Remove the uni’s wheel and bungy cord the frame and wheel to the back seat of the motorcycle. You can use the top of the back wheel springs to latch onto. Make sure the uni is very secure before you ride off. Pull on it and test it first. A bungy cord attached to each side of the uni usually works fine, but you may need to use a few of them for the uni to really be secure.

Never, never attach anything to your steering system, wheels, engine or any moving parts! That is a death wish!!!

Thanks for the suggestions! As soon as I can make it to the DMV (ugh) and get my moto license, I’m going for a Moto-MUni ride. Pics to follow :slight_smile:

Here’s what I did. If you get a small pile of bungie cords, it’s amazing what you can strap on to a motorcycle. :smiley: