mounting maguras

I just bought a magura brake to mount on my kh29. Went to go and put it on but the bolts that came with it are too big for the holes. Whats the deal? :angry:

Have you got the correct four bolt mounting hardware? The evolution mounts that come stock with maguras aren’t suitable for the mounting on unis.

well I guess not then. Dang, and I thought I could do this w/o UDC.

When did you get your KH29? Mine, a 2007 dual-hole crank version bought last April, came with the four-bolt mounting hardware (brackets and bolts). I think they were in a little cardboard box. I don’t know if prior KH29s came with those or not; my KH24 didn’t include them when I got it about a year ago. Anyway, it’s worth checking.

Oh sweet, I do have it then :slight_smile: Thanks, I was wondering what that stuff was, good thing I didn’t pitch it. Awesome, thanks again!

Though it will be a while before I ride far and fast enough to need brakes, I picked up a set of HS 33’s from this this eBay seller
I don’t know them, but can vouch for the accuracy of their advertising - seemed like a pretty fair price to me.

High speed has nothing to do with brakes, they’re for maintaining speed on steep hills, not for slowing down from high speed. And incidentally if you buy second hand you can get them for an absoloute steal, mine cost the equivalent of $22 a set.

Dont tell him that, at least lie. you dont want to go making people cry now do you?

Who said anything about slowing down or high speed?
When I progress to the point of attempting steep descents, I might need them to avoid accelerating so fast that I overrun my physical fitness to maintain a safe and steady cadence and inevitable face-plant. My personal best distance on level ground to date is about 105ft, so Moab is still a long commute from home my speed is not affected so much by gravity. Thanks for informing me that speed has nothing to do with brakes, though, so I no longer have to fear the acceleration due to gravity and can laugh at all those pansies who put brakes on their Cokers.

Wow, umm, that was pretty needlessly aggresive, and at points incoherent.

Sorry, I was mildly annoyed at the condescension in the two previous posts, but my beer-induced reply lacked the intended humor. I even misplaced the smiley emoticon.