Mounting Maguras

I recently picked up a pair of free Magura HS11’s and proceded to attempt to mount them on my Onza 24" muni. i ran into some obstacles right away…namely the fact that i have no clue where to start! has anyone done this and might be able to help me through the installation process?


e-mail udc

These come in handy…I recently bought a set ready to mount my Maguras to my new custom muni frame. You weld these to the frame so that the maguras have two points of contact on each side of the wheel and you don’t need a brake booster to hold them in place…


brake bosses.jpg

I got a set of maguras for close to free. I mounted them myself. I tried anyways. I snapped off the little screws that press into the cables and screw into the brakes. I now have non-working brakes.

My reccomendation, be very carefull, and learn how to do everything yourself. make sure you have the right tools for the job. (I didn’t).

those come stock on the Onza frame, maybe im missing bolts, im going to go to victoria tommorow and maybe ill ask some bike shops there