Mounting Maguras question

Hey, my maguras just came and the mounting hardware they came with is not the normal kind that I have seen people use on unis.

This is the normal kind (from udc)

I was wondering if I can use the stuff it came with or if I have to buy the other kind.

This is what I got:

Photo 2.jpg

what is a “maguras”?

This is how I have mounted my brake lever to my reeder handle, I haven’t seen anyone do this before.
I look funny in that picture, my hair is really messed up and I am staring at my computer.

Hyrdrolic brakes.

The mounting hardware you got is the normal kind that’s used on bikes. It mounts to the brake posts on bikes. The two bolt trials style mounts that are now commonly used on unicycles (and trials bikes) are the non-normal mounts.

You’ll need to buy the trials style mounts from UDC.

It is possible to bolt on the mounts that you have (that came with the brake) to a unicycle. You’ll need some longer bolts and you’ll have to jerry-rig it a bit. It can work but is not ideal.

Problem there. When the uni falls (after a UPD) it bash the brake lever into the ground and likely break the lever or the brake lever housing. Not good.

You need to mount it in such a way that the brake lever does not hit the ground after the unicycle gets dumped during a UPD. The brake lever needs to be protected.

Oh, I didn’t even think about that. I have an alu kh brake post but I have seen a ton of those snap so I wouldn’t want to use it. I will maybe try to position it on the reeder so it doesn’t hit the ground.

Do you see any problems with a set up like this? The whole lever is above the handle. It can’t hit the ground unless the uni flips over. I can still comfortably use the handle without touching the lever but if I want to use it I can rest my whole palm on it. The only thing is the lever hits the reeder once it is pushed a lot. Could I just mount the brakes closer to the rim to make up for the lever not being able to get pushed all the way in?

Photo 10.jpg

It doesn’t look very convenient with the lever mounted up like that. And the brake hose looks like it will get in the way.

Best way to mount the lever is under the seat positioned so that the seat handle hits the ground first and protects the brake lever. Attache a MTB bar-end to your seatpost and mount the brake lever to the bar-end. You may have to search around for a bar-end that will fit on your seatpost. There are different lengths and shapes of bar-ends so you can also hunt around to find one that has the right length and curve to position the brake lever where you want it. Look at shops that sell used or recycled bicycle parts. They often have a box full of old bar-ends.

Bar-ends are the short stubby extensions on the handlebars that some mountain bikers use. They were more popular about 10 years ago than they are now.

Mounting Brakes

I messed around with the “Evolution” mounting hardware that comes with the brakes. They are made to adapt V-Brakes with one boss. My advice is that it is not worth the trouble. Spend the money and get the hardware from UDC. I did use the little circular clips that go around the brake from the evo set though.

-Good luck

you have to use them

I used the standard MTB style Magura mounts on my uni. It was pretty easy to do but you do need canti bosses. If you have the unicycle/trials style mounts I’d imagine it would be pretty hard and not worth the trouble

I had one custom made to fit under my Reeder.

Brake Mount.JPG

Remember to keep the bolt loose on the brake handle. Otherwise you’ll snap it off or crack it when you fall and impact the handle, which needs to move on contact with rocks and the ground.

And try and keep the set up as low profile and simple as possible, tucked under whatever handle you use. Wallis has pretty well worked out this problem but it’s expensive.


If you can’t find the right length, you can also cut down a longer one.

at this link, there is the under the seat Kh mounting stem that might be able to be modified. I don’t know how off the holes are from the reader holes.The last image shows a cut down version of a bar end.

See what Darren has for mounting a brake lever under a reader handle. Just a thought.

Good luck.

Thanks you guys. I just decided to use my kh alu brake post with my stock kh seat instead of my carbon fiber. I talked to Darren and he suggested a rail adapter brake post but I didn’t want that since I had one and traded it to pdc for a kinport that snapped in a few weeks.

So I will just use the normal kh for now. I ordered some normal brake mounts from Darren so my muni will be ready for CMW.