Mounting Magura on T7 Handle... Help!!

Hey All you Uni-nauts,
I just got a T7 handle to mount on my KH 36 and cannot figure out how to mount the Magura brake lever onto the T7.
I took it off of my KH seat brake mount.
Do I need some sort of clamp or adaptor??? Does it go on one of the front handles?
I have searched and searched on here for pix and am having no luck.
Any photos would be terrific so I can get a visual.
Thanks a ton!
Shug in a Quandry

I mount mine on the right hand prong, with the body end of the brake towards the seat. The prong is just long enough to keep the lever protected if you drop the uni forward. Leave the clamp slightly loose so that if you do drop the uni on the brake it will rotate out of harms way instead of bending your lever.

I put a photo on another thread here:

Thank you … both of you … that helps a lot. Now to bleed the brakes as I had to release them due to my brake cable being too tight. May have get longer Magura cable. Hope that is sold separately!!!