Mounting lights without handlebars

As others have said, I have a front and rear light that go in the frame and seatpost. The rear light has good visibility but the front light is partially blocked by my legs. To counter this I have a helmet light that I use for night riding and to improve visibility alongside a running reflective vest & bag cover.

Keep in mind that you may not have a lot of side visibility which may or may not be important for you. I use the Salzmann 3M Spoke Reflectors to help with that. I also use the Schwalbe tires with reflective stripes when I can find the right size for my unicycles. Anything to give me a little more visibility to others.

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Not tried myself, but Knog Cobber lights looks great for unicycling:
Powerful lights with great side visibility and not-that-bad runtime.

Just keep in mind that those are lights used to be seen, as opposed to see by.

I know the lumen values look impressive, but remember that the brightness is spread out over a large area without any focusing lenses.

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I commuted by bicycle for a couple of years with a “be seen” light. I kept two of them on my handlebars, with one as a backup in case the battery died. What I found was that in the city I didn’t really need a super bright light unless I was bombing down a hill with no street lighting. For speeds of 15 mph or less the be seen light was adequate to illuminate my path.


Oh yeah, if there are street lights then you’ll be fine.

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My setup.

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