Mounting/dismounting SIF

Hi all,

I’ve been unicycling for about 7 months now, making negligible but acceptable progress, but I need some assistance on learning how to mount and dismount SIF. Currently I mount seat in then pull seat out, but it’s getting really annoying to do that every time I want to hop stairs or whatever.

One way I know to mount SIF is to put a foot on a crank and stand to get other foot on the pedal, then hop the crank-foot from crank to pedal. That’s all fine and dandy, but I’ve seen people mount straight to pedals (see hunterthompson’s recent video on jumping practice) and I want to learn to do that. I’m having trouble not torquing the wheel back, though, when I try try to get my second foot onto the far pedal. Is there a trick I’m missing? Perhaps some anti-gravity belt I forgot to purchase from If I can get the mount, I’ll be able to get the dismount, so this is where I was hoping people here could help me out.



I’ve found that you have to lean heavily on the seat when you mount. You’ll probably need to use both hands to support your weight until after your feet are on the pedals then you can let go with one hand for better balance.

Haha thanks for the mention :smiley:
Yeah I agree, both hand on the seat and put a lot of your weight on it. I also immediately start hopping as soon as I get my other foot on the pedal.

Ha, anytime, man!

I figured that leaning on the seat was the trick, since I had to use the same theory to learn to free-mount SI. Guess I just need to man up and use my arms. Thanks guys!

You could also try jump mounts first. They are easier than static mounts.

This is true. But I can already jump mount, more or less, and it would be a bit tiring if I wanted to jump mount anytime I was doing a trials line or a unispin attempt. Also, my gut instinct is that it will be easier to get smooth, controlled mounts with the pedals whereas with jump mounts I usually have to hop around a little bit to regain my balance.