mounting coker video tut plz...

I gonna be getting a coker and i want to know the best way to freemount the thing.

Anyone do a tutorial?



I’m pretty sure you know how to mount a regular unicycle.

Just keep practicing, that’s really all you need. Or, what I use to do when I was riding bigger wheels, was have the pedal kinda in front of the uni, so when I stepped on it, it would make the uni move forward and with the momentum, you can kinda just hop on, just kinda roll onto the uni.

But really, just practice it for a while and you’ll get it down.

can u freemount your 20" yet???

if you can i surpose just practuise on the coker

if not get the hang of the 20" and when u get that down, move on to the bigger wheels

Are you still interested in buying my coker? Its well easy to mount!


Does that mean it comes with a ladder?


sorry darktom no i’ve just ordered a new one, arifoil rim and other stuff.

Sounds good. Have fun with it, once you’ve worked out how to get on it!


actually you showed me - saw your pebbles post which i can’t find the vid, but you got a mount vid :smiley:

Shit man you must be super geeky lightning fast! I just uploaded that about 4 mins ago and was then gonna post on this thread pointing you to it.

Does that mean you were lurking about in my gallery?


yeah i was trying to find that pebbles vid which i did find in the end :slight_smile: