mounting brakes....screwed?

I was trying to mount brakes on my torker 24" dx on the right side the screws would not go in straight. After about 2 hours of trying I could not get them to go in right. When they did go in they where crooked. Is there any way to fix this? or am I… screwed?

it kinda sounds like your going to replace the screws. also try puting the screws in before putting the brake on. as the screw holes might have been drilled on an angle

I had tried this befor my post with no luck. :angry: I took the uni to my bike shop they cleaned out the holes then told me that the set up would not work I have Magura Mounting Brackets.
They said that there not long enough and that I would need another part. Is any one running these? Is there some other hard wear I can use? When I did get them on there wasnt much clearance.

Thankx for your help

yes you kind of need those to mount almost any kind of brake to a unicycle :stuck_out_tongue: but if your brake mounts are screwed you might have to grind them of and get some of these unless you can fix the ones you have now

i no this mind sound stupid but flip them around,so the top holes now inline with the bottom it worked for me.

got them on bike shop cleaned them out got longer hardware. Take a look I posted in Rec.Sport.Unicycling. Thanks for the input