mounting brakes hardware

I bought some hs33 and the 4 bolt mount kit for my torker dx 24". I went to mount them and the hardware was just long enough to make it to the bracket, so I took it to my bike shop. They told me not only was it too short but that I’d need some kind of beveled washer between the bracket and mounting hardware so I could adjust the pads contact with the rim. I know I can get longer hard where but where can I get this beveled washer? Has any one run into this problem? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve also included a picture of the backside of the bracket so you can see its more of a convex washer then a beveled washer.

Do you mean a washer that goes between the mounting bracket and the frame? I’ve never put a washer there (and I have maguras on 5 unis). I’d be happy to learn that I’ve been in the wrong all this time, but the brakes all work fine on my unis.

Thats correct a washer between the bracket and frame. Did you use longer hardware and is one of them a Torker dx? When I put the bracket there it gets stuck on the frame space is very tight. Also how much clearence do you have between the brake pad and rim?

I’m pretty sure that the bike shop you went to doesn’t work on Magura rim brakes. The angle, or toe in, of the brake shoes is adjusted via the semi-spherical mount inside the bracket. It’s sort of like a pillow block bearing.

Unless the hs33 has changed since mine, I think you are fine with what you have.

I always used the hardware that came with the brackets. One was on a DX until I replaced that frame, but my buddy’s 24 DX doesn’t use washers on the brake mount, either.

You do end up really tightening the brackets very securely to the frame. The flat side on the bracket you pictured goes right against the frame. My first attempts at adjusting these brakes were unsuccessful because I was worried about over-tightening the mounting brackets.

jtrops is right about pad adjustment–it’s the black plastic split ring (about 1/2" wide) on the slave cylinder that allows for adjustment of the pads relative to the rim.

So in short you guys are saying the my bike shop is wrong and I dont need anything else? I do still want to use longer hardware about 1/4 to 3/8" just to make it a little easier and cut down on my cussing.

If your bolts are too long they will bottom out against the frame/bracket before it’s tight. Mine are threaded through the mount, but only one or two threads are visible on the inside of the frame mounts. I think there might be enough room for 1/8", but not more than that.

Well got them on with your guys advise. Thank you again! The only thing now is that the left pad drags on the rim at 12 o’clock with the left crank. If there’s any suggestions on that that would be greatly appreciated. Also I’m afraid of dropping my uni forward and breaking the brake lever. Has this happened to any one? Mine is farther back from the saddle handle this looks like it will provide some protection.

I hope I’m not hijacking this thread but is there any other brakes besides Magura that can be mounted on unis? At $200 a pop that adds up really quickly.

Also, can you post a picture of exactly how/where the brackets attach to the frame? I can’t seem to picture it.

There are adaptors that will let you mount a cantilever, or V-brake on the Magura mount. I am under the impression that the Magura’s became standard due to their reach across a 3" tire. If you aren’t running a super wide tire you could probably get away with other brakes.

I’ll get some more pictures later today. Also talk to brycer1968 for Magura I got mine from him cheap! His also very helpful.

Heres the pictures…

If the pad only rubs in one place (i.e. when the left crank’s at 12:00), that means your wheel is out of true. Do a quick search of the forums here and you’ll find plenty of advice about wheel truing, or try the Sheldon Brown bike site. Or give your LBS some love and just take it back to them, tell 'em they were wrong about the brake mounting, but you’ll let them make it up to you by truing your wheel for you. :roll_eyes: