Mounting Brake on Pi Bar

Perfect, thanks! I appreciate that.

There’s no reason to make this a new thread unless it’s upsetting the OP.

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I didn’t think too much about that rigidity - I think if you put a strong enough spring behind the dummy lever it’d work. Then the two levers will pull evenly? Dunno, I’m not an engineer (Could you tell with my drawing?)

I’ll happily guest-bass for any Metal Lump recordings :wink:

I’m not in the habit of starting threads anymore, but maybe it’s a good idea.

I used the google search at the top of this page with “drag brake” as the query, and this thread comes up on the first page. So, maybe it’s not important to have a new thread. It worked really well on the Pi-Bar, and since that’s the nature of this thread it seems fitting to be here. I know that I have posted various pictures of my brake setups in the past if you want to look around for them.

Ordered. And excited to get 'er set up too! :stuck_out_tongue: Even looks like they come with cable and housing, for 13 bucks even if I can’t get it to work it’s worth a try. If it does work, I won’t have to deal with forearm cramping anymore. :sunglasses: .

Thanks jtrops for the great idea!

Apologies to the OP for the slight thread jack. :o

I second that nomination Lloyd. I’m not sure if this is helpful at all, but this easy to made device makes it easier to mount a brake lever on the Pi BAR where ever you want . . T-7 handlebar hard on brake levers?? Easy fix


I never saw that thread! I ended up making something similar from a handlebar cutoff with a v notch, and a couple of slots for a hose clamp. It worked like a charm, and only a little more work to make. I’ll see if I can get a photo today.

Brycer, that’s a cool mod. Another option if I my off-center brake is too limiting.

Again, thanks everyone for the tips and ideas. A lot of take-aways from this thread. I ended up going a simple route involving a hinged brake lever mounted on the forward end of the right parallel bar.

That’s a mouthful, but here’s what I mean. Really like that it’s out of the way but still easily accessible.

I did the same thing with the cheap SunRace friction shifter; worked great as a drag brake for road riding and as a parking brake. It’s possible to use the shifter almost like a regular brake but I never got very comfortable with it and when riding trails often wouldn’t use it.

When I switched my 36" to a hydro disc brake I found I prefer having the regular brake lever for most of my riding and don’t miss having the drag very often. I think one of the new skinny TRP mechanical disc calipers with the drag/interrupter setup jtrops mentioned would be the best of both worlds for me.

For those who care:

what about using the same shifter with a mechanical TRP Spyre disc brake ?

Just saw your post in the Current Projects thread and commented there. Did you end up getting an incremental thumb shifter or the continuous kind?

Lloyd, it’s a friction shifter (not indexed) but has ‘notches’ that the lever clicks into. You can hear the clicks when you brake, and set it at whatever position you want.

I don’t see why this wouldn’t work with a TRP, but I think it could be tricky to set the drag correctly on a disk since there’s less pad movement.

That seems true because with the notches there would be large gaps that you couldn’t set because of where the lever clicks, but I wonder if you could get levers with different size notches. Also I seem to remember seeing shift levers that don’t click into place, but simply take enough force to move that it stays in the correct gear.

That’s basically what these are. The notches are more just an audible guide to know which gear you are in.

Now for the eval.

I went on pretty good little ride today, 35.4 miles of twisting parkway trail with some moderate up and down here and there. The friction shifter brake seems to work excellent as a drag brake on most hills. There are a few that were significantly steeper than the others where the shifter didn’t quite have enough power to keep me under control, but they were anomolies anyway.

Long story short: the drag brake works perfectly for ‘most’ hills. If you’re doing crazy AspenMike stuff, you may run into some issues around 15% grade, but even then if you keep your weight off the pedals and sit behind the wheel, it’ll still hold you back plenty.