Mounting brackets

So I want to build a few unicycle frames. I have the tools an abilities to make just about anything.

EXCEPT for the brackets that hold the wheel. I don not have a Lathe or an auto lathe to machine a part like this. Which is the only way i can think of to make some unless any of you guys know of a way.

So I am asking if any of you out there have can machine some brackets out of steel to help me get started.

Maybe we can work out some kind of trade or payment or something.

so comment or send me a pm

I really wish someone would reply to this…

Here you go.
The second ones aren’t the best but work ok.

Oh yeah the Nimbus ones also come in 40mm and are sold on the UK so I think you could get them in the US.

did you see that i had both of those linked in my post?

and those are simply to thin i need something that has a bit more meat to it.

just buy two sets (four holders in total) of any of the following:

and weld them on to your frame. you just need to buy bolts cause I don’t think UDC gives them to you.

edit: re-reading your first post I see you linked to the UDC machined bearing holders. why don’t you just use those?

Phil I have made several of these bearing holders.My method used a bit of plate steel say 12mm thick and using a metal cutting hole saw drill hole smaller than chosen bearing then draw lollipop type shape around the hole then cut out the shape with a 4" angle grinder.Cut half of the hole off to make the bearing caps now patiently grind or file out the insides of the hole to get the bearings to fit snuggly.Drill and tap the bearing caps,to retain the bearings sideways I use one flat headed M5 on either side of bearing drilled on the edge of the hole so the flat head just overlaps the bearing.When complete just weld to your chosen frame section.Overall my method takes a while but is possible with basic tools and the finished job looks fairly tidy and of course different to commercial methods.I have put up the best photo I had of bearing holder half complete If you want to see the finished product search my previous posts.Hope it helps.

Ok… i am seeing your idea… those things are BEEEEEFFY

So do you make them just so the bearings fit tight? or do you leave a small lip so the don’t slide out?

I would really like to avoid spending extra money… that and those are all to thin… i need something a little thinker… maybe not as thick as dangerdogs but still…

the nimbus machined ones are pretty thick, at least 3-4mm. I would measure for sure but it’s about 1 am right now and I don’t think my parents would be too happy about me going into the garage. the only thing is you can’t use the bolts that UDC uses for those ones, because to use them the top bearing holder has to be threaded.

thats not a problem… i can thread stuff. guess we will have to seee…

I use little screws on the side to stop them sliding sideways.It would be almost impossible to make a lip if your using a grinder or file.

i personally would just buy that part. being a fellow welder i just think it’ll be the best option.

sorry why don’t you just buy them from UDC? you can use 42 or 40mm id machine collars as bearing holders, if you weld a small plate on the outer edge to stop the bearings from drifting. I have seen tis used to great effect.

Because that costs more than what they are worth. =p

What! reality check please…

To machine a double lipped bearing housing as a ring, then machine tags, jig, weld up to machined ring. Drill, tap and then split… then tidy up. I would suggest at least half a days work for an experienced machinist will all the setting up and messing around of only doing one pair. Lets be generious and say he is only charging $50 per hour (Most charge more than that). That would be $200. These are only $10!


I agree, the bearing caps are the most complex part of the frame, the rest is all pretty simple welds.

I remember that Evan made some frames, so it might be worth asking him what he used.

If you’re taking this route, I’d recommend getting a radius gauge to ensure your hole is as circular as possible… as dangerdog notes, you must file very patiently in order to achieve such a feat.

Any irregularities in the holder could lead to premature bearing failure at worst, and poor bearing performance at the least.

I would use the udc machined ones, drill the holes out and use a nomal bolt to hold them together, that is cheap and simple if you ask me!

He used the UDC ones.

dude… if you use an auto lathe ( a lathe that is computer controled) it might take you about 5-10 minutes to make a pair of these. also i can go out and by a 10 ft piece of rebar at our local steel store for 10 bucks i aint gonna spend that much on some brackets that are made with enough material to craft a single quarter.

If they where made by hand they would cost A LOT more then $10