mounting big wheels

>I’ve been learning to ride on a 24" Miyata that belongs to our juggling club
>but now want to get my own unicycle. I intend to use it mostly for commuting
>and I’m not interested in tricks, so I’m thinking of getting a bigger wheel –
>26" or 28". On the other hand, I can’t free mount yet. Is it more difficult to
>learn mounting on a bigger wheel? Significantly more difficult?
This won’t help you a whole lot, but I reciently got a 28" uni, and though I
free-mounted it on my third try, I find it is alot harder to mount than my
smaller uni, so I would suggest learning to free-mount first.

                                                    Chris Cline MUni-Cow

RE: mounting big wheels

> At this point I still think that nobody rides a Unicycle. Somehow they use
> mirrors to make it seem like it.

Shhhhh! Don’t give away the mirror thing. The rest of the world is almost
convinced of our balance supremacy!