Mounting an HS33 on a T7

I just broke the lever casing on my HS33 after a lame-o upd.

Two questions:

  1. Since I need to buy a new lever, any suggestions on an alternative?
  2. Where do you mount your lever on the T7. I thought I had the lever clear of danger, but it hit a rock at just the right (i.e. wrong) angle. I really like having the lever under the seat, but that doesn’t seem possible with maggies AND a T7.

I’ve attached a poor quality photo of the breakage.
(The white line is the crack)


Let me know if you find new housings for cheap. I’ve broken 2 or three of them on muni’s.

On tip: mount it slightly loose, so hard impacts move it aside instead of breaking it :slight_smile:


This is the pro tip!

I’ve got the jankiest break setup on my Coker; it’s an old cable brake from a rusty ten-speed held onto my handle with some water heater strapping and a stripped bolt.

This setup has survived over 1000k of road riding and a few offroad rides as well, with many UPDs therein… all because it sits loosely on my handle.

Don’t tighten those handlebar clamps, kiddies!