Mounting a laptop on your uni handle

Did someone ever tried this?

I think the EeePC from Asus is perfect and cheap. About 1kg and very small. Just twice the size of a PDA. It has a solid state disk (no moving parts), so it should be able to resist jumps.

Think about the possibilities: a high resolution GPS screen, add a webcam and submit pictures of weird looking passengers on the fly through the Internet or add a Nintendo Wii controller and record every movement you make.

Yes, sometimes I’m a bit of a geek, but I’d like to know whether someone actually tried it and how far we can go. (Actually I do often carry a laptop, but only in a backpack)

thats the dumbest thing iv ever heard of


what is the need to have a computer on your uni, agree with spoonthumb it is a dumb idea but what can i say my life evolves around dumb ideas (that is why i got a uni to start with)

what ever it migh be fun to try, who knows?

What would you use it for? I can see that sat nav could be a good idea, Im suprised theres not alot of people who use it on their cokers.

it would add quite abit of weight :slight_smile:

In this age of high-tech this and that, one of the things that attracted me to unicycling in the first place was the simplicity of the thing itself. You can’t get a more basic form of transport other than a skateboard or roller skates.

But now… well, I ride a Schlumpf (which has to be one of the most highly engineered bits of kit out there) with handle bars, brakes and Sat Nav. Well… I guess my priorities change!

Anyway, a laptop would be great addition to a unicycle. However, the two main problems will be power and ruggedness. If you’re out on your unicycle for long enough to need the laptop with you, then the batteries certainly won’t last long enough. (If you’re only out for an hour, then you really don’t need a laptop!). I’ve seen some pretty rugged bits of kit get smashed to smitherines from a bad UPD. No matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance that sooner or later it’s going to take quite a knock, and for the cost of it, I doubt there’d be many people prepared to take that risk.

Oh, and the other issue will be reading the screen in bright sunlight. I know screen technology is getting better, but it’s not quite there yet.


what if it was raining

what if it was raining or started raining when you were riding around, your laptop would probably not work anymore. its to likely to be broken and would be beter left at home than on a unicycle

It’s not a dumb idea - it’d only be useful for certain people, e.g. for distance-riding Coker and 29er riders but it would be quite cool to have satnav on board. And the Asus Eee PC is small enough that it probably would fit up front on a T7 if desired. It does need improving a bit if it’s going to be practical but the concept is sound.

The obvious problem with the idea is what happens during a UPD… I don’t think I’d want to have a normal laptop - even a cheap one - on the front of my uni. It would be extremely hard to protect it in a way which would enable it to survive multiple UPDs, especially at Coker speeds.

One option would be to have something smaller. For instance an old second-hand Palm computer running Veloace ( would give you some very advanced cyclometer functionality, plus you could store useful phone numbers, notes, directions, etc in it - and a few games for when you take a break from riding.

Really, it would be nice to carry a laptop on your back (suitably padded) and then have a small, cheap wireless display of some kind mounted on the handlebars so that you could interact with it. That could be very cool!

So much negative reactions… dang.

The one your looking at is a small laptop. I think people are thinking you are going to have a 13-17" screen on your handle. Id find one that is smaller though, and a touchscreen. The keyboard would make it kind of a hassle, but then again, it would make things easier too.

HAha, someone said it would be too heavy. 1 extra kg is nothing. lol

Good luck with it, and keep us posted. Youll probably be going down a great trail and be streaming a unipod of yourself by then. =p

I see this as the first step in computer-guided, unicycle-mounted weaponry. And this is a step forward. Unicycles have been under-armed for far too long.

Gentlemen! Ready your usb!

a usb would be useless against an annoying skate boarder or the people who think short fat people on unicycles are clowns, a computer guided missile under the seat would be beter LOL

i apologize for my rudeness at the begining of this thread, i wasnt feeling to good (not that thats an excuse) i still don’t think its a good idea i just should have put it a little bit differntly

1) You were being rude??? :thinking: You were just expressing what you thought of the idea and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.
2) I agree with you on that. I mean anything larger then a PDA would set off the weight big time. Making it harder for you to control your balance, the laptop and the unicycle.

I have a Garmin gps that is wrist worn. Accurate as you can get for speed, distance, elevation, way points, all that sh#t. Sirf chip makes it dead accurate and reliable. No need to attach anymore crap to my 36er. :sunglasses:

Do you know if you can one that will do heart rate and altitude as well?

Yeah it does that and much, MUCH more. I mainly only use it to keep track of mileage and speed. Blows away a cycle computer. Like a computer vs a typewriter, or a DVD vs VHS.

Yea we have a gps a bit like that that we normaly use when sailing I acationaly use it when I go on a long ride just to track my distance and speed. Im suprised you havnt got sat-nav, I guess if you know were you going you wouldnt realy need it though.

Sat-nav for Ride the lobster

The GPS is a great tool for RTL qualifing and for the actual race.

Mind you a laptop with sat-nav is probably already in the team support vehicle anyway. But for the rider it may be some help.

I´m bringing my OQO Model 02 when I´m going to do some unsupported touring this summer.

I wont attach it to my handle though :slight_smile: But since it´s handheld and only weighs 450g, I can use it to check stuff up while riding, and then just throw it into my backpack for safekeeping.

Combined with a keychain bluetooth gps, it should be a good solution.

I just wish I could afford a proper sized SSD for it…