Mounting a Giraffe

I’m an experienced unicyclist who just received a 5 foot giraffe as a
Christmas present.

Could someone please explain to me how to attempt freemounting it?

If there’s a web site with pics, that would be helpful to view as well.
My searching has not turned anything up so far.

Gee, something in the air most be forcing everyone to get a giraffe…

Do a quick on “giraffe freemount” and you will be all set.

Good luck

Re: Mounting a Giraffe

at under miscellaneous (at the bottom of the
screen) there is a video tutorial that shows how to do a step-up mount and a
roll-back mount

I got a 6foot, but can’t free mount it yet either.

Good luck!

use a ladder

giraffe unicycle

I learned how to self mount a giraffe unicycle once every so often but I was wondering what good tricks there are for giraffes after you can ride backwards, idle, self mount, and ride foward. If you have any links or answers that would be great. THANK YOU.

Dude, Justin, start a new thread. You’ll get more answers that way. Also, do a search on it. You need to be better on a normal uni first. Learn to one foot ride, and then try it on your giraffe.


Re: Mounting a Giraffe

yeah, read this post

and make a commitment to yourself that u will only ride the raffie if u freemount it
it’s harsh to stick to, but well worth it in the end
so i’m told;)

Free mounting isn’t really to hard it just takes alittle practice. The site that was said already really helps. The videos are great to watch so you can see technic. Also what I learned is that you shouldnt try to rush up the unicycle take it slower then you think.

The biggest reason to learn it is its sometimes hard to find a really good spot to do an assisted mount.

I can mount a 5 footer in about 30% of the time. I might be better if I had my own but its my friends so I only get to play with it at his house.

Andrew had great videos and tutorials. He is also pretty tall. Here’s some encouragement for the more vertically challenged, a couple links to clips of Ben roll-mounting a chain-driven uni.

Mounting a 5’ at age 12:

Mounting a 6’ at age13:

Hope it helps.

chain-driven uni?
interesting choice of words bruce
any particular reason?

As I understand from past discussion in these forums, the name Giraffe is originally a trademark name for a Schwinn chain-driven unicycle. Chain-driven is discriptive term used to differentiate the unicycle from standard or direct drive unicycles.


I’m pretty sure Schwinn used the name that was already common for chain-driven unicycles. Their Giraffe came out in 1977, and I seem to recall that word being used freely in the USA Newsletter before that time.

Which brings up the question of whether Schwinn could really claim ownership of that word and not let other companies call their tall unicycles giraffes.

What we do know is that they had to stop using the cute giraffe character they used to have on the main sticker, because it looked too much like Geoffrey Giraffe of Toys 'r Us. They switched to a much more boring, text-only sticker around 1982 or so. Then production stopped completely in 1983, for financial, not legal reasons (legal reasons probably had something to do with them never bringing it back).

So giraffe is an easy word to use when talking to people who already know what it means. Chain-driven is a more accurate term to use, especially if you’re talking to non-unicyclists or newbies.

Back to the main topic, how to freemount a giraffe has been well-covered in past threads, so you’ll find lots of great info with a search.

IMHO, freemounting a 5’ giraffe is not incredibly hard, but learning it on a 6’ is an order of difficulty harder. I learned without any instruction, and it seemed a monumental achievement at the time, anyway. But I’ve seen people pick up the 5’ mount pretty quickly.

thanx for the backround

i’ve come to accept the term ‘giraffe’ as a generic term for ‘taller’ unicycles
the term ‘chain driven’ threw me for a moment and i thought it was another one of these exotically-geared cokers or something

Re: Mounting a Giraffe

On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 02:09:18 -0600, “GILD” wrote:

>i’ve come to accept the term ‘giraffe’ as a generic term for ‘taller’

Hear hear. No more ‘raffie’ then? :slight_smile:

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