Mounting a giraffe

Hello Barry,

> I’ve heard tell of a giraffe suicide mount. Is this feasible? What else is
> possible?

I’ve seen a guy get up onto a 6’ giraffe whilst tied up in a strait jacket…
ok, he had two punters holding it up straight but he took a run up and then
there he was!

> P.S. My review of the British Unicycle Convention didn’t get published in "The
> Catch". However it did get ripped off, sliced, diced and rehashed by the
> editor. I got no credit – apart from a little box in the corner,
> unrelated to the review, where I’m mentioned as a contact for this list.
> (2 responses so far! Hi Danny! The other guy was a new one!)

I saw that mention, but I’ve been too busy building my cardboard model to
send email…