Mounting a giraffe

Ok I’ve got two 6’ giraffe free mounts “sussed”:

  1. “The Standard Free Mount” L foot on wheel. Both hands hold the saddle. R goes
    up to pedal. Up on right leg! Left leg over the saddle. Plonk down. Jess!

  2. “Side or Ladies Mount” (according to Lex of Semcycle) L foot on wheel.
    Potentially only the left hand holding the saddle. R goes up to pedal. Up on
    right leg! Left leg brought through the gap between the uni and right leg, up
    and over. Plonk down to tumultuous applause. JESS-SAH!

The only other mount I’ve seen is the “Pole vault mount”. Wow! I wanna do it but
I’m ScArEd! Does anyone have any tips on this one?

I’ve heard tell of a giraffe suicide mount. Is this feasible? What else
is possible?


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Re: Mounting a giraffe

Barry Prescott writes:
> I’ve heard tell of a giraffe suicide mount. Is this feasible? What else is
> possible?

Yup. A friend of mine does that rather well. Personally, it makes me cringe, but
he reckons it’s easy.

Basically, he holds onto the frame as high up as possible, and in one swift
motion just leaps upwards using the wheel as an extra stepping stone and
makes sure his feet land on the pedals the same time as his backside lands
on the seat.

Other things we do in shows etc. are the “running jump mount”, where he goes
right back into the crowd and then runs right at the uni, which I am holding
from the other side (the front side). When he gets to the uni, he does his leap
of faith (as in the suicide mount) and up, over, and right down my back while
doing a forward roll.

Yes, this man has no sense of fear. He’s also very small and weighs about
8.5 stone (119 pounds), which makes things a little easier for him. He once did
a tarzan swing on a rope across a stage during a performance, and
unfortunately the rope wasn’t long enough. He just got up, brushed the blood
away from his forhead, and carried on!


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Re: mounting a giraffe…

[i sent this to Barry a few days ago, but meant it to go out to everyone. he pointed out a mistake in it (fixed below) and that i had only sent it to him…]

  • The only other mount I’ve seen is the “Pole vault mount”. Wow! I wanna
  • do it but I’m ScArEd! Does anyone have any tips on this one?

I’ve never actually gotten this, but I’ve been very close. I can at least tell
you how I got going on it.

Hold the uni seat in your right hand, have the wheel pushed out in front of you
so that the angle of the uni is about 45 degrees. I hold the seat at about chest
level. I’ll assume you’re going to leap from your right foot to hit the left
pedal with your left foot. Put both feet together and rotate the wheel so that
if you stepped out and up a bit with your left foot you could just about reach
the left pedal. That pedal should be a bit below horizontal and be the closest
pedal to you.

You can now begin to practice. Take a step back with your right leg and bring
your left leg back to that spot. If you now were to take a step forward with
your right leg, you would be able to continue and step with your left onto the
left uni pedal which would be coming round (up from the bottom) to meet you. Try
doing this - just take the smallest of jumps to do it. Don’t try to mount at
all, you’re just trying to get the feeling of the timing of the thing. Don’t try
to get vertical at all, just pop up off the ground with your left foot on the
left pedal, then let yourself fall back down to the ground the way you came up.
Don’t take your foot off the pedal until your right foot has landed since you
don’t want the wheel to move.

If you do this often enough, you will soon learn to take a few steps and jump a
little more confidently. If you try to learn too fast, this mount has the
potential for spectacular results. For instance, I once tried it (going fast
enough not to be able to avoid the consequences) and missed the pedal completely
with my leaping foot. Of course the result was landing on a semi upright uni
with the cranks, chain, pedals etc of the uni hitting me between the legs.
Everyone got a good laugh out of that one.

Eventually, you’ll be able to get a good feeling for the angle of the uni and
for the position of the pedals when you start your approach etc. Also you’ll
need to work on jumping up rather than jumping forward. This comes from
adjusting angle and so on, and from consciously thinking about jumping up. Only
a few times have I gotten up beyond the 45 degree angle. I’ve gotten both feet
onto the pedals and not had the seat between my legs - not too far from being
able to ride off just holding the seat instead of sitting on it.

This mount (at least the practicing of it) will put a lot of stress on your
chain. As you go up, you’ll see the half of the chain (vertically) that’s
nearest you get very tight, and the other half get slack. A broken chain at this
point would be extremely inconvenient…

  • I’ve heard tell of a giraffe suicide mount. Is this feasible? What
  • else is possible?

i’m not sure what you mean. do you mean holding the uni vertically and just
jumping up with both feet to land on the horizontal pedals? i have done this
with two people holding the uni and not trying to hit the seat. i’ve heard that
sem does this.

Another mount that you should try is to start out by lifting one leg all the way
up to the pedal and then just stepping up. it seems like a huge step to begin
with (i’m about 5’7" btw), but if you can reach the pedal (and very many people
can) at all, it’s a good bet that you can pull this mount off. i described
working on this in a mail i sent out ages ago, and which i am sure is buried in
the archives. the method has the great advantage of only requiring one movement
(not the two you need if you climb up starting from a foot on the wheel). it’s
much easier for me - in fact once i realised i could do it with less trouble
that the foot on the wheel mount, i stopped doing that one. plus it looks good.
also, it lets you look up (i.e. have your head upright) from the very beginning

  • you don’t need to be focused down at all while you’re wondering where the hell
    that first pedal is. this helps keep you upright, which is one of the important
    things to learn about mounting a 6 footer (at least it was to me and the people
    i have taught).

another thing that was mentioned here makes the mounting simpler, it’s to mount
and not try to get the seat under you - you just ride with seat on stomach, or
holding the seat against yourself. Mark Sands posted about this some time ago.
Of course you should learn to ride that way before trying it :slight_smile:

have fun… terry.