Mounting a GB handle on a KH seat

How do I go about putting the GB handle on my Kris Holm seat. Do I take off the foam and everything? If so, what is the best way to do this, can someone give me some instructions? I just dont want to destroy my saddle doing something wrong.


also can I put the Miyata plate stiffner on the KH?

If I’m not mistaken, the GB4 handle is designed for Torker LX/Miata seat frames. Specifically a 3 bolt system rather than 4.
Also the frame stiffener is made for the Torker LX/Miata as well.

There is a solution, but it is expensive. $60-100 U.S. If that interests you, let me know and I can describe it in great detail.

I don’t a way to do it that doesn’t involve a LOT of drilling and mess etc. I don’t know if it would even fit around the ridges on a KH seat base.

I used a KH carbon fibre base, innertube, foam and leather cover for mine and it works great! I think a CF base is the way to go. I can’t imagine dropping my 29er at speed onto the handles and a regular seat stiffener not cracking.

I have landed awkwardly on most of my KHs before and the downward pressure snapped the stiffener, so I think I lot of weight on the handles (not saying you’re heavy!) would break it quite fast.

The GB4 seat stiffener is virtually indestructable. It is like 1/4 thick steel which someone can litterally hammer into various shapes.
Would you do that with your CF base?

One day, I will have to find out why people pay so much for CF frames - especially since I found “it’s lighter” is not a valid argument. The other thing I have not understood is how you all keep the bolts from spinning - told me the holes that are drilled are ROUND.

The GB4 is only $10 - or 1/8 the price of the CF bases.
That means if you break it, you can replace it cheaply.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it came with a lifetime warranty.

The stiffeners that come in the KH, Miata and Torker seats are much like a “thick coffee can wall” and can be easily cracked or destroyed - especially with downward force.

I am running a Torker LX frame, GB4 stiffener, KH foam, Gemcrest Leather cover, and Kinport (Steve Howard) handle. I think that this setup could have been done more cheaply by getting a cheaper cover.

No I wouldn’t do that with my CF base because they all fit without modification… I want it to be stiff, being malleable isn’t really a selling point for me…

They’re simple- no fiddling. Just drill the holes and you’re away and holes can be drilled to fit just about all the fittings out there. You file the holes square- that’s why the bolts don’t spin.

The KH CF bases are super stiff, so I highly recommend it for the GB handle.

I have 3 CF bases and no complaints yet.

I haven’t used the GB4 stiffener, but I’m sure there is something similar on the 29er that U-Turn is building for me, so I’ll be able to find out for myself before long.

I don’t think the Miyata plate will fit the KH, as there is almost a kink in the base near the seat post bolt holes (this in my experience seems to be the weak spot of the KH, as that’s where the crappy stiffeners give up) whereas the Miyatas curve up smoothly.