Mounting a bc/impossible wheel

I’ve been looking all over the web and newsgroup about impossible wheels and have a question about mounts. So far I’ve read that people will use handrails, tow-ers, ski poles, and running jump mounts.

The most obvious kind of mount seems to be missing- placing one foot on a pedal, pushing off with the other foot, and quickly placing the pushing foot on the pedal. I would guess that this mount is being omitted deliberately- I’m having trouble believing that using this mount has never occurred to anyone trying one of these wheels, so I’m wondering if that mount’s much worse than all the aforementioned mounts?

the BC wheel is the one where the pedals are basically just the axle.

Standing only on one would cause the wheel to tip over.

I guess it could be done, however it would take split second timing.

What I want to see is this:

Someone standing in place (but can rotate freely)

Holding onto a rope (long, but near the end) and having the guy on the BC holdiing the other.

As the stander spins, he would let more and more rope out, causing the BC’r to ride in bigger and bigger circles.

The the BC’r would let go of the rope and go sailing.

That would be really neat!

mounting a B.C. wheel, the easiest way is to roll it, and jump on. I have done it the way you were talking about, but it’s very hard to do. Another way is to mount into hand wheel walk, but that’s also very hard.

thats about it.


Re: Mounting a bc/impossible wheel

All of the above, save for the running jump mount, are most likely achieved using a mount similar to what you described. I hold the top of the wheel with one hand while putting the second foot on, then give the wheel a bunch of pushes to get it going. On a small stage, there is sometimes only room for that type of method.

I prefer calling it a B.C. Wheel since it’s not impossible.

Actual impossible wheels are just bike wheels with stunt pegs tightened onto them. i have a couple of them, the easyiest is the 20". The way i got onto it is by rolling the impossible wheel by the stunt pegs in a striaght line but not that fast and kinda just jump on with both feet at same time, the reason why is so the 1 foot doesnt push it as fast as it can go down the road :wink:

There is a movie on of jeff and Kev doing the Bc, Keep a eye out for it


Re: Mounting a bc/impossible wheel

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>I prefer calling it a B.C. Wheel since it’s not impossible.

It’s not B.C. either.

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What does B.C. stand for?


Before Christ. I can’t help thinking of Fred Flintstone zooming along on one.

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Taken from the “wheel” ridden in the newspaper comic strip B.C. (as opposed to A.D.) which is published in the States. See attached picture:

Picture following?

It stands for the comic strip B.C. that features characters riding around on a wheel with stick through it like a peg. That wheel in the comic strip is why we call it a B.C. Wheel.

I did a very quick Google search for a picture of one of the B.C. characters riding the wheel but came up empty. Anyone have a link handy?

Here is a Wikpedia entry for impossible wheel

What do ya know? While I was busy composing my eloquent reply, Grey came along and answered the quest.

Thanks ya’ll

He must be good. He makes it look so easy! And he’s very much like my Fred Flintstone imagination.

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