Mounted a Coker

Today I freemounted my Coker twice on about 6 attempts. First some history. I started unicycling at about 10 years old on a cheap Sears model. Then quit for about 20 years. Two months ago, I bought a 24" at a retail bike shop, then added a 26" last month and last week purchased a Coker from I had only attempted riding it once in a gravel parking lot, but I used a pole to start. This afternoon, I freemounted and rode a few hundred yards, stopping only due to time restraints. Now I’m ready to ride somewhere! I learned to do it from this forum and videos from one of the contributors. Thanks guys! Now if I could just learn to turn to the right better and idle I’d be set for awhile.

Two for six starting out is really good for freemounting one of the big boys. Good work. I agree that those big wheels don’t like to change direction. I just tried idling again yesterday with little success. I’ve got my rolling mount down pretty well now and it’s an agressive mount that can even be used going uphill. Someone once posted that it’s just as impressive to mount one of the Clydesdales at an intersection as it is to idle one. I had two bicyclists move out of my way at a red light today just so they could see how I got on it. The guy said, “oh, wow, that’s awesome.” The girl said, “you’re no Christopher LeFay but that was pretty good.”