I wanted to post about my new website:

I live in the Los Angeles area and I wanted to do something to support MUni in the area. So, my website highlights some trails. I put together a list of some of the trails that I have ridden and posted them on a page on the website. Each trail has a brief description, getting there section, and a simple “at a glance” rating. The trails page can be reached HERE Some trails only have descriptions and no photos, yet.

Most of the trails are linked to a gallery Greater Los Angeles Trails, so the rider can view parts of the trail to get a better “idea” as to what the trail might be like. Each album has a link back to the favorite trails webpage for easy reference. The gallery includes images from various rides around greater Los Angeles and Ventura County. It includes:
The West Valley - 3 trails,
Angeles Forest - 1 trail,
West LA - 1 trials area,
Ventura County - 1 trail.

My hope is that other riders in the LA area will contribute to both the gallery and the website with descriptions, so there will be a resource for any level rider to view when looking for a new trail. I will have the website address and favorite trails page as part of my sigline, also. If you want to help, contact me at teachndad(at)aol(dot)com.

I will have on the back window of my car in large letters to advertise the site to the general public. I drive across the San Fernando Valley floor 3 to 4 times a week. I hope that will give it some coverage and maybe pull in some interested people into the sport.

Thanks to Michael Grant for helping out with the links and Josh Schoolcraft for giving me the idea to explore Angeles Forest and contribute a trail description for Josephine/Strawberry Peak. Also, thanks to Kevin Gilby for making it all possible.

Comments, Questions?

Rod, that’s an excellent idea. I like the website, concise yet informative. The color on your Wilder looks so much darker in the picture. In case your wondering, I got a peek at it while Scott had it down here :smiley:

That’s great, a site for MUni people in the LA area! With such a huge population down there, it’s sure to be a resource not only for unicyclists, but can be for bicyclists as well. Surely if people find it, it will help bring more trail riders to you. Be sure to mention in obvious places that you want feedback and more trail info from readers.

Web notes:
The picture on the homepage by Eyal is 404 KB in size. That’s ten times as big as the one above it. Photos you display on the web should be shown at actual size (the actual size is larger than what you put on the page), and not such large file sizes. A photo that size, depending on how complex the image, should be around 35 KB or so.

That’s a fantastic site, great work! It might be worth noting that ‘album123’ in the gallery is just the storage space for all the content at . (a joint project between Peter van Boekhout and I) is finally starting to fill out in the non-trials sections.

Thanks a lot for the link, do you mind if we link to your site on

And one very minor correction - you misspelled ‘cpntact’ at the bottom of each page.

A very impressive and helpful site!



I’ve been keeping notes on all the local single tracks we’ve been bashing over the last 6 months here in the Santa Monica (LA)mountains, and will try and round them into a submission in the next month or so.

What’s interesting about these trails is that unless there’s some phantom Munier we’ve never seen, all of these are first descents (on a MUni), which is something worth keeping track of, much as they do in the rock climbing and kayaking world.


Rod, it’s good to see you did something constructive on your summer vacation. That should be a useful site and hopefully you will get many contributions to it.

Give Rod a break on the mispelling, he is only a school teacher, after all. :wink:


Great site Rod! I bet it drums up a lot of riding buddies. Looks kinda tempting. I’ll have to add it to my wish list of places to visit. Haven’t ridden out there in almost 20 years.

Thanks for all the comments, gentlemen. It’s appreciated. I want to write a full response, but I am leaving for a two day trip to San Diego and Legoland today with my family. I will respond more fully on Thursday.

But, I have to respond quickly to Andrews comment:

“And one very minor correction - you misspelled ‘cpntact’ at the bottom of each page.”

My response:

…Andrew gets a point for table 4!

Good job Andrew, I was really just checking to see if anyone would notice.:wink:

Rod, Great site. I like your trail descriptions. I’d really like to come out there around Jan Feb when the weather is at it’s worst on the east coast. Maybe we can do a big group ride then.


Thanks for the support, gentlemen. It helps me feel like all the work was worthwhile.

I’m glad John mentioned the second image. I thought that it might be too large and slow down the loading of the webpage. I’ll either take it our, or resize it, if I can figure out how to do that. The images were taken with two different camaras.

By all means, add the link. Thanks.

It wold be great if you could submit descriptions. I’ll gladly put them up and reference you as author, as I would do with all submissions.

First descents could be listed with the trail descriptions. I can do that with the submissions. Only thing is, there might just be some phantom Muniers out there. I know there is or used to be a rider in Simi Valley and in one of my searches, made reference to riding up in China Flat, which means there is someone out there we don’t know anything about. Also, the guy who bought the trials obstacles from the producers of the TV show that did the balance experiments with Kris Holm is out there too. He is here in the Valley. Unfortunately, I emailed and PM’d both of them at the beginning of the summer and got no response. It blows my mind that in a city with over 2 million people, only John (screen name - vivalargo) and I are the only MUni riders that I know of.

A friend of mine who lives in Topanga Canyon says he saw someone with a MUni last year pulling a MUni out of a white pickup truck near the entrance to Topanga Canyon State Park and also saw "some kid” riding a Muni in the Topanga Canyon Memorial Day Parade. There’s gotta be more of us but we don’t know about each other. Arrrgh!

On a side note, Josh Schoolcraft(screen name - entropy), was here from Maine working at Cal Tech for the summer and I loaned him my old MUni. He’s lovin it, and once back in Maine, in two days, will purchase a MUni.

Hey, great to hear from you. Joe, “Come on Down!” If you want a large group, then I can set you up with the Santa Barbara MUni Crew. They are about 90 minutes north of where I live. There is some great riding up there. Keep in mind, contrary to the song, it does rain in California. January can be rainy, but it can also be quite pleasant, too.

After I finished this project, I figured out I could set up a different web page for each geographic area just like I did in the gallery. So, I may do that and include links to the other geographic area webpages on the main favorite trails page. allocates 7 pages for free, which would be enough to do that. For convenience, I may put in a printing link, so that it would be more user friendly to print out descriptions of specific trails.

Awesome. I know Schooler. So THAT’s where he’s been. I’ve had no one to ride with here in Maine all summer.

In regards to your website and images: Everything online is displayed at 72dpi, so if you take the resolution down to 72, it makes it a lot smaller and you wont notice a difference in quality on your page.

If it’s a photo, save it as a jpeg, if it’s a text banner or something with solid flat colours, save it as a gif.

I gotta give Rod a huge thanks for letting me use the MUni. It was an all-around excellent experience, definately got me completely hooked on MUni.

I’m back at school now, gearing up for one last year of undergrad.

I met someone at the Jet Propulsion Lab who rode MUni (a Pashley). He said that he had ridden the trails behind JPL about a year ago, but had since hung up his wheel. Of course, I totally forgot his name.

While on UCSC I met 2 muni riders plus about 15 other people who could ride. And I was only there for a month.

Rod: Your site rocks! I really liked the chart for trail descriptions, although it’d be nice if you’d quantify what beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert mean. Also, a few small notes, you had a typo on the links page. Your finger must’ve slipped and you put an “n” into “my own page” so it reads “mynown page”. Also, the first picture on the homepage doesn’t load for me and fianlly, on the links page, you may want to add an apostraphe to “Sofas reviews page,” so that it reads “Sofa’s reviews page.” Or not, I’m just being nit-picky.

Thanks for the feedback! Quantifying a beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert levels is a great idea. That does need clarification. I will start a new thread to see what others think the levels are defined as. Then, pull out what I can piece together.

The typos were from the first draft and I never put in the links. I had mistakenly overlooked them before publishing. I will take care of that.

That’s really weird about problems with the first image loading. That’s the smaller image of the two. No one has mentioned that. I thought I fixed the problem with the second image when I resized it. I will check it out at school next week. There are four computers in my classroom that have no cookies to the site yet. That should help to check it out.

I am going to dump the hubs page. I don’t have enough info anyway.

To those still reading this thread – congratulations and thanks.

BTW, I changed the domain to, because I wanted something more local sounding. sounded more like a site for trails for the entire US, than Los Angeles.

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Hey dude. i love your site.

I’m having the same trouble with the first pic not loading. I noticed the URL to the pic is I’m not sure this is written in stone, but i think hyphens in addresses is a bad idea. I know that created some trouble for me when i was designing a website. Just some food for thought :).

I gotta get my butt out on some of those trails.

take care

Hello, Rod:

Owing to the extreme heat around the Santa Monica mountains this summer, I’ve been driving up to Santa Barbara, which isn’t that much cooler but at least there I get to suffer with others, whereas here I’m usually alone – unless Eyal in in the area (rare).

Just the same, I’ve put in a few dozen early morning/twilight rides, and have scoped some pretty horrendous looking possibilities that I’ll try soon as it cools off. Unlike Santa Barbara, which is rocky and very technical but rarely super steep, the hard stuff here is mostly dirt and scree but very steep. Also, most all the standard single tracks are pretty casual, and involve miles of uphill fire roads to gain, so for the harder downhill stuff we’ll have to scout around. I plan to really put in a sustained effort this winter–including picking the brains of several active MB racers from the Helen’s Cycles Team–so I hope you can join me when your teacher cum father schedule allows. I’m not too psyched about launching down the super step ones solo.

Great work on the site so far, Rod. Now it’s time to fill in the entries.

JL (John Long)

Yeah, so do I, but… ho hum, things are really amping up around here. You’ll have the first opening though.

Yeah, okay, so we die together;)

I am looking forward to getting some of the entries filled. Thanks for the support.

Mango, thanks, you reminded me of that again. I forgot to fix that. I just realized that it’s because the gallery is DOA. The second image is inserted directly on the page and the first is linked to an album. I will take care of that this weekend.

I will see you guys up at Cal MUni weekend!!..finally:D

Cal MUni Weekend or BUST!