just seen this new site so new it is not finished but it is about what is happing in the world of trials and muni.i think there may even be forums but i can not remember off hand does any one know who is making what is going to be a very popular site seeming every one seems to muni or do trials/street unicycling now

If you look in the “progress” section, the site has been hosted since early 2000. nothing has happened with it since january of 2001. I wouldn’t expect anything exciting to come out of it.

too bad.


i did not see that but what a site it would have been was created by Carl Hoyer, a Toronto area rider.

He stopped development on the site because other sites like and filled the void so there is no pressing need for another unicycling site with info and a forum and stuff like that. I’m sure Carl will eventually turn his site into something, we’ll just have to wait to see what he does with it.

He’s going to be snowed in very shortly so I’m sure he’ll find time over the long cold dark Winter to work on his site. :slight_smile:

I’m the one you can heckle for starting and not finishing The original idea was to provide a resource for the mountain unicycling community that would also showcase the sport to non-riders in an ezine type format. The motivation behind came from these sites which provide a high quality resource and showcase for their respective sport:

I wanted one of the central focuses on to be forums. At the time there was no forum for off-road riding. Most of the MUni conversation took place on and still does largely through Not long after the concept of came about offered a MUni centric forum and I don’t really see any value in creating another one.

Another thing that led to the demise of was time … or lack of it. It typically takes a lot of time to produce a quality design and content. My priority is to my job which I get paid for, so took the backburner.

That all being said … I have been hashing out a new plan over the past couple months. I’m not sure it will take off cause it’s even more work than I wouldn’t be able to handle it all myself but it would be really cool. I’ll reveal more later.