MountainUni UCM caliper, rotors, and 145mm SINZ cranks

More spare parts! Selling my mountainuni set-up. I believe I have black chainring bolts as well, if purple doesn’t suit you.

This system is great for running a disc brake on frames that do not have a brake tab. I have filed the aluminum down to fit two Triton frames and a Conundrum frame, so I imagine it’s fairly universal at this point (filing was recommended by Jeff and the strength of the product was not compromised). Jeff from MountainUni is awesome and is very helpful in answering any questions one might have about the system.

The 145 mm Isis SINZ cranks have fewer than 30 miles on them. I have an additional unused rotor to throw in with the cranks as well.

Entire system is $50 plus shipping
Or SINZ cranks and two rotors $25 plus shipping
UCM caliper $25 plus shipping