and Triton: my love!

Why also you should ride Triton and/with the brake system from

super cool!!!

Great !!!

You are one amazing Muni Rider riding on super amazing places… Thanks for the nice video. :slight_smile:

Who’s the little dude?

Fun pics and song, gonna show it to my son, he needs some motivation…

Makes me wanna move to Lichtenstein :smiley:

Great stuff!!!:smiley:

Wow, what amazing riding and scenery!

But the diving? Must have been cold :astonished:

I can’t wait to get my Triton/Mt Uni system too. Just picked up Pete Goodmans Triton 26" yesterday- what a beautiful machine. So I’ll have three tritons shortly :stuck_out_tongue:

Turtle, as always you have a fantastic eye for scenery and balance in your self portraits! Is your timing amazing too! I have a new favorite picture dsc00293 I think.

thank you guys!

the little dude is our elder son. unfortunately he doesn’t like muni-riding as much as i do (but he is a real good rider…) he prefers other things… mostly non sport things, he is more the artist type (musican, drawing, writing etc.)

@kb1jki: that was such a long steep section, even with the disc brake it was hard to control the uni!

Thats a beautiul thing!

Do you think a uni could do better than a trials bike in some of that super tight stuff?

Your answer is going to be a LITTLE bit biased on this forum. :smiley: