In case anyone is interested in another big film festival in the US, the
25th Annual MountainFilm Festival is over Memorial Day weekend in Telluride
CO. They will be showing Into The Thunder Dragon plus TONS of other cool
films. If you’re in the area or interested in this, you should go. I’m going
with my family and Kris is going, but Sean can’t make it. Bring your Muni
and let’s ride!

If you can’t make it to Telluride, this film festival also tours - not as
widely as Banff, but still to many cities in the US and some in Canada. I
don’t know if ITTD will be in the touring edition. is the main page.

And explains about the festival (and has a
photo of Kris from Unizaba).


Hey, they’ll be right here on the Georgetown campus, where I work…but in November.

You should push them to take Thunder Dragon on the tour.

I think I’ll check out Telluride… see you there.