Mountain wheeling

I have an idea…about a new one wheeled sport…you would have a BC wheel type thing clamped on to your feet…and two ski poles…you would then go down ski hills in a ski like manner.
It would be called something like Mountain wheeling…

Think it’ll work?
I do.

That would be tough, but fun. I can’t even ride a BC Wheel yet, so I can’t really say anything about this. So this post has no point, but I’ve already typed it and am not letting it go to waste.

Someone already has a patent on something similar to that…

Personally… i would try to mount a brake on that thing.

Brakes?..No Way! think ski’s have brakes?..NOooooo!
and tha patented thing is WAAaaayyyy too complicated. I mean it like I say it.

On skis you don’t easily loose forwards-backwards balance, so the mountain wheel will probably be harder.

You could brake by turning, but you’d need a really hard tyre and it still wouldnt be that effective. I’m with XWonka on the brake issue.

It sounds like fun. If it works it has XGames written all over it.

It sure sounds fun. But just like unicycling, it’s too “hard” to learn. Most people just don’t have enough patience to give it a week or more to even be able to ride a little bit.

Okay…so maybe you could ha a hand-held break system…
actually…thats not a bad idea!

Oh, and if someone markets this idea…I wan’t one! and 5% of all profits.:wink:

Re: Mountain wheeling

“Borges” <> wrote in message
> It sounds like fun. If it works it has XGames written all over it.

Or depending on the level of mastery/failure, “JackAss” (the