Mountain unicycling near Vancouver, BC

My first video in 5 years, I got two beautiful rides in last weekend up on the sunshine coast, a small ferry ride away from vancouver, and this is the video that came out of it.

Great terrain and some really hard muni.
Thanks for sharing it’s always fun to watch offroad unicycling :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Kris Holm. Great riding!

I forgot the mention that it’s the best downhill video I have seen in a very long time and I really hope that I will be nearly as good as you after five years of riding.

Awesome video and wicked riding skills. Nice :slight_smile:

That looks like an awesome place to ride! Great riding, great location! I want to ride there :smiley:

Thanks for the comments! It is a great place to go riding, if your ever in vancouver make sure you get in touch with the group.

I’d like to hear more feedback from viewers, comments and criticisms are encourage!

There are some hard lines in there :astonished: . Very enjoyable! Cool that your mom comes with you for filming :D.

Finally - I love your riding style! In my head you’ll always be known as “the guy in yellow” ever since I saw you the first time in a VanUni video (I think it was the video “Stronger”).

I prob look forward to your riding the most in all of the Vanuni vids :slight_smile: and this is your best riding on film yet IMO.

I always like seeing a few of the best UPDs in a vid.

The only other thing I can think of to have improved this vid is if you could have cut down the pause @ 2:35. Maybee you’re already doing this but, a few revs before on the crest @ 2:29, you could mark one of the planks and hop onto it to check your pedal position, right foot forward to wind up left foot forward for the big hop. If you aren’t already doing this, I bet that could cut a few seconds from that pause :o

Yeahhh I probably should have ridden it once more and cut out the long pause, but I wasn’t feeling very comfortable with the stunt on the day so I decided to leave it rest.

I agree with the UPDs, definitely will throw them in next vid =)

best muni video in a long time… and no brake… I like that

Wow. Amazing skill and nerves on that terrain.

That’s pretty sick riding bro, looks like an awesome place to ride!