Mountain Unicycling in Elkins, West Virginia 27.5 Nimbus Hatchet

Here is a video I made unicycling in Elkins, West Virginia. I filmed it on my families farm on old logging and dirt bike trails. I sweated my butt off making this video but had a lot of fun. I am new to filming and have been riding unicycles for around 8 months so I open open to suggestions if you have any. I hope you all like my video.


Love the area. Went to Canaan valley for my honeymoon 25 years ago. It was summer and very peacefull it seemed like we were the only ones there. We Did some horseback riding and mountain biking. At that point my Columbia unicycle was covered in cobwebs in my parents basement. Would love to go back one of these days. You look like a proficient rider, fast and in control. Nice filming also

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I’d always heard Hatchets were slow, but you were really cruising right along on it.

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I heard the same thing about the hatchets being slow but I find it to be really stable over rough stuff so it allows me to pedal faster with more confidence.

Canaan Valley is a very beautiful area. I drive through there when I go to Elkins. I want to stop there one of these days with my uni also I want to unicycle in snow shoe I heard they have some awesome trails.

I’m kinda considering a future Hatchet-ish uni, so it’s good to know. i feel like a lot of slow Hatchet comments are unfairly comparing it to XC muni. Of course it can’t be faster than a 2" on smooth gravel, but it’s clear the Hatchet works where it’s supposed to: rough trail and loose terrain.

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what an excellent video and you ride well especially if you have only been riding for such a short time.

hatchets do seam to get mixed comments and reviews but your video squashes a lot of them and shows that they are amazing fun to ride so thanks for posting your video :grinning:

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Nice video, especially for a first one!

I don’t find fat tired unicycles that slow, on the contrary I’m usually surprised how little rolling resistance they have once you get them rolling. I just don’t like how they handle once you get them into tight turns and really rough terrain.

A few tips for videos, since you asked for them: I’ve found the video slightly repetitive. Spending some extra time picking some different angles (which I know is hard to do when filming alone) is crucial to keep it visually exciting. Also you can add some zoom/panning in editing, which helps keep it a bit more dynamic. Some “B-roll” (showing landscapes, closeups of the unicycle, trail, trees, whatever interesting things you encounter) mixed in can also help break up the action, set the scene or tell a bit of a story.


The Hatchet is a neat looking unicycle, and I think I’d enjoy riding it in your conditions. However, I don’t imagine it being more effective in those conditions than a regular-tire unicycle. Perhaps the conditions in WV are frequently wet, and the fat tire keeps you from sinking into the mud? I noticed the mud-guard installed on your Hatchet. Cool!

I will definitely be using your advice as I have watched a bunch of your videos on youtube. I also felt it got repetitive. I recently learned how to hop off and over stuff more efficiently so that should also help with getting some more interesting shots as well. Thank you for you advice

Nice riding!

My suggestions… get shorter cranks, knee and elbow protection, and when ready, throw on a set of handlebars.
It looks like you want to fly… it’s time.

As far as efficiency, if you’re in shape enough the fat tire is the way to go.
You’re covered on any terrain. Can’t say that for a regular tire uni.

I’m gonna guess that most bad reviews are from poorly skilled or out of shape riders who can’t keep up to what’s needed to ride that beast!

I’m so envious of anyone with a Hatchet. (I’m riding my dinky little 3 14" Duro Crux :smiley:)

Keep it up and I look forward to more videos.

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Great video for your first! You’ve got the look of someone who’s been riding longer. I echo @finnspin critiques about the video but I think we can expect really cool videos from you in the future. I envy any rider of the Hatchet. I have a 26” URC MUni with a 4” tire. It took a bit of getting used to after only road riding but I don’t have any issues with it, at least where I ride. Really nice riding location too!

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Thank you. I originally learned to ride unicycle because my 9 year old nephew wanted to learn. I found a 1980s 24" stelber uni a week after we talked about it at a flea market for $20. It took me about two weeks to learn to ride and I have been riding everyday since then. Now my 9 and 12 year nephews all know how to ride. My obsession with bikes went away and now I am addicted to unicycling lol. I am definitely going to get B-role footage for next video. I wish I would have thought of that when I was filming the first one. The fat tire does take some getting used to as you have to lean into turns more aggressively.

It took me a solid 2 weeks of hard work to learn to ride, and I was determined to ride! I started with a cheap 20" from Amazon. 2 years later I have four unis (it’s contagious :wink: It wasn’t long after I learned that I wanted to go farther and faster. Within the first 6 monhs I bought a 29" road and then a 36er. My most recent purchase was the 26" mountain uni. It’s a totally different dynamic riding on trails and such.

I started making videos shortly after I picked up the 36er. I’m no professional by any means but I really enjoy it. I try to incorporate something new with each video, whether it’s a new location, a new skill or trick (riding or filming/editing). I also watch other people’s videos on Youtube to pick up ideas. I love when people have really cool tracking shots from someone they’re riding with. Sadly I always ride alone as I don’t know anyone else who rides, so my shots are limited. Just started trying to teach my 6yr old twins to ride in the hopes that they can be future riding partners!

I’m currently out of the saddle as I broke my foot a month ago. Not even a good story…I fell off my uni in the garage :frowning: