Mountain Unicycling Compilation 02 - Slow Mo and Winter Mud...

Recently bought a new camera so I’ve made this new video. The same bank that I can easily get down in the dry is almost impossible in the wet…

Some cool slow mo shots which show mud and leaves being flicked up whilst cornering and some cool fall-offs.

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Can someone tell me how to embed the video please? I’m having a small amount of difficulty…

Thought I’d try first, before advising :wink:

You remove the s from https :wink:

Edit: I also meant to say nice vid! The way you rolled out of a couple of them skids was sweet!

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Please keep on making vids, I enjoyed watching this :sunglasses:

I’ll find something interesting to do on my 36" for the next video I think… Not entirely sure what that will be but we’ll see.