Mountain Unicycling Club Radio Interview

The Club did its radio interview some time ago on Skiddaw, Cumbria. I thought I had better let people get a chance to hear it since it was local radio.

Follow the link to the BBC website and the broadcast can be heard via streaming to a real player.

It all helps get the message accross to the general public. Hope you enjoy it.




Nice interveiw. Has to be said tho that unicycling is not a natural radio sport. The 1st BMW we had a radio reporter come along to and interveiw people, he had to run to keep up!


I would agree, obviously it’s a very visual sport, and sound obviously doesn’t show that.

Muni on Radio?

Thanks Sarah,
Yes I would agree, you wouldn’t think muni is the ideal thing to do as a subject for a radio interview would you? But the reporter Natalie Mace did such a good job describing what’s going on and you really get a view in your minds eye what’s happening and what it looks like. I love the bit when you here her footsteps running back down the hill to catch us up – so funny!:smiley:

If anyone has a problem downloading it I have a copy on minidisk which I could get transferred to a digital audio file for you – just let me know.



Hey Simon

any chance of sending me a copy of the interview, or even putting it up on the gallery for all to download. My computer wont play the file, and real player wants a credit card number off me to download it - NO NO!!



Real player

Joe, the real player should be free - are you sure you didnt click onto the super/bells and whistles one?

I havnt converted the minidisk but it would certainly make it easier if were a windows audio file. Then there would be no problem putting it on the website! I will look into it - in the meantime try choosing an older version of the player and then you will be able to hear your dulcit tones!.:smiley:



I’ve converted the audio to MP3 and made it available here.

That was very nice of you mgrant…appreciated!!!

Convertion to Audio file

Thank you very very much Michael, that was very nice of you – an excellent job!! How did you do that?

Kindest Regards