mountain unicycle

hey i think this is the right place. i was wondering what you guys thought was a good unicycle for mountain unicycling for a low medium rider. some thing below 300 dollars thought so ya that is the trick. oh and preferably a 24 or 26 inch wheel.

Ebay Torker DX24, otherwise you would do well to look for a used one that isn’t too abused. You could end up with a better/lighter cycle for less. Try posting a want ad in the trading post, or looking on craigslist. I’ve seen some pretty cool Uni’s on craigslist.

Your title should be a little more specific. It isn’t clear that you are seeking advice.

We don’t know what a low-medium rider is unless it’s a new type of tricked out car driven down Main Street is Espanola, New Mexico. Can you give us an idea of what kind of abuse you will be subjecting this unicycle to right away? Can you do drops, BIG drops, do you weigh a lot…stuff like that.

There is a trading post forum where you might find some used MUni’s listed here. You’re probably going to be interested in running a tire that is 24" by 2.5" to 3". High prices usually reflect durability like wheel strength, hub strength, and crank strength. Anyway, some more info would be useful.