mountain unicycle video?

Hi everyone. I saw a vid on youtube some months ago and it had this leik, guy who was doing crazy mountain unicyling. he did stuff like a drop off a rock in the snow and steep snow hills but it had no-snow stuff to. anyway, i want to watch it but i cant find it anywhere :frowning: does anyone know where it is? the guy had long hair if that helps. =p
thanks guys

this one?

the 2 riders are Jackie (i have no clue what your last name is), and Jerrick Crites.

edit: all i have to say is…


That sounds like Jackie (goatsonunicycles).

thats weird… that vid looks familiar and one of the guys looks the same but its not the one i was thinking of… im having deja vu!!!
thanks though. =] he’s on this forum?


His username is “Goats On Unicycles”, his name is Jackie.

omg unibikeling thanks!

i went to the other videos he made and i found it. i guess he took footage from one and put it in the other.

whys it called mary contrary?

haha, everyone’s posting my videos. I feel absolutely ADORED!!!
Haha, I’m glad you like my video… it’s not all that good though… the footage is soooo old.

EDIT: It’s called Mary Contrary because I didn’t really want to use one of the more generic names. Heh…

oh i see. i think its really good especilly since its old. u shoud make a new 1 soon. =]

Methinks perhaps you are thinking of Kris Holm lol.

EDIT: Jackie, for the record this post is a complement.

Also I just noticed the “long hair” bit.

That’s what I thought at first. But apparently not:

+1 on the compliment to Goats.

thats a sweet video. awesomely edited and great song choice

Jackie, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen that video, but it is awesome. It’s so freaking extreme, I don’t think I’ve seen any other muni videos like it. You FLY.