"Mountain Unicycle Brakes" Darren Vs. Unicycle.com Vs ordering straight from Magura

i need to get a brake for my KH24 and i have a couple of options now i guess.

i was just going to get one from Darren but today i noticed that
unicycle.com now has a similar option for $159 US.Darrens brakes are
here for $170 US

also,by the quote “The tech team at Magura USA is now custom-making these for unicyclists.” on unicycle.coms discription,it sounds like these may be availible though local shops.is there a chance that these are just standard length front brakes and not really made just for us? can someone who works at a shop call Magura and get more details…?

i would also like thoughts on which is better,Darrens or Uni.com’s… why on uni.coms Magura picture is one brake black and the other silver?


im pretty sure its just a standard front magura brake, available from most bike stores, as i’ve heard of people buying a pair (f + r) and just shortening the rear hose, as it works out cheaper as a pair bought between 2. In the uk a pair can be got for £85(150 USD) if you shop around, whereas a front brake alone is £50-60 (90 - 108 USD).

I have One of Darren’s Brakes…it is really good.
From what I’ve heard and noticed the length of the tubing is just right. I have seen an older uni.com brake but not the new one. The uni.com (new one) has a quick release mount were Darren’s does not which I kind of like becuase it won’t come loose and jiggle or fall off.


on the uni.com photo both brakes are black, but only one is in the silver bracket thing which attaches to the brake boss. The problem with the uni.com one’s is that the little black elbowy things go inside the frame to stop the brakes from rotating away from the tyre, which reduces the clearance. I have these on a nimbus 2 (yuni?) frame with a halo ception 2.6, and it fits, but it’s a bit tight. Don’t think a 3.0 would fit. And the bosster is only made for 2.3 tyres, will fit 2.6 tyres after being attacked with a saw/file, but I doubt very much it’d go on a 3.0
The brackets on darren’s use 2 bolts to attach, so don’t need the elbow or the booster. I think they might be the only one’s that fit on frames with brake mounts too - the uni.com (standard) brackets go on normal bike brake bosses. I think the 2 bolt version is made just or unicycles.
Other than the brackets I think the brakes are normal hs33’s in both cases. Mine’s a front braqke and the cable length is about right.
e-bay’s quite good for magura’s too. I got a set of 2 for £50, and sold 1 to phil. Bargain.


I’ve seen 3" boosters arround, but if you have the option to not run a booster and have the maggie style mounts that dont require it thats deffentatlly the way to go.

3" boosters are here.
You still have the little elbow thingy’s though. You probably don’t need to use them to keep the brakes in place, but I think they’re part of the bolt that holds the top of the clamps together, and holds the booster on, so I don’t know if it’d be possible to remove them, although you might be able to replace them with a normal bolt. you might just be able to twist them around to be out of the way, either downwards so they`re away from the wide bit of the tyre, or on the outside of the frame.
Go with the 2 bolt version. They look so much nicer.


i mentioned that the brake is for my KH24 which has the 2 bolt version,so i dont know why the booster chat is going on here but thanx anyway.

jagur, any bike shop will be able to get you one and for cheaper than what uni.com offers it for…
A better bet is to look for one on ebay…I picked up a used one for $20

Boosters are needed with the 2 bolt version

But not in the 4 bolt version like on your Uni

oh,i was talking about a leg by leg basis. :roll_eyes:

If you find some killer deal on a pair of brakes the same quality as those on Uni.com. I will gladly split it with you. I would be glad to let you have the longer one.:smiley: Besides, you are most likely more mechanical than myself, and would relish the challange of modifying the cable.

Yeah! One more :roll_eyes: from Jagur to add to my collection!

Today is a good day to post

yeah,yesturday was pretty good…

I’m gonna try and hold out for the uni-specific lever to come out, wonder when that will be?

Don’t hold your breath, Magura could care less about the unicycle market. Just get one of these and cut it down…they work great



Nope, definitely not. If you have those cantilever bolts the boosters are not neccessary. The boosters are needed for bikes with not so strong frames to increase the brake power and to avoid vibrations (iiiiiiiieeeeeee :wink: ).
At the uni you better shouldn’t brake so strong that the wheel doesn’t want to turn anymore so you don’t need the boosters, either. The evolution adaptors are enough. I have it on my Qu-ax 24", too.

The 4 bolt version is all in all stronger than the 2 bolt solution (I think). And of course it looks nicer :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,

With the two bolt Magura brake a booster is very helpful. It stiffens up the brake and the frame, but more importantly it keeps the brake pad from rotating in and rubbing on the rim. Your legs will rub against the brake which will cause the brake to rotate on the single bolt and rub the rim. Putting a booster on the brake will keep the brake from rotating on the bolt like that.

The two bolt trials style Magura mount does not have this problem with rotating because it is secured with two bolts rather than just one bolt. That’s the primary advantage to the two bolt trials mount. The other advantage is that the two bolt design does not use the “L” piece to hold the brake in place against the frame which improves clearance by the tire.