Mountain Mayhem 2010 (UK)

It’s getting towards Mayhem entry time again. A thread has been started on the UUU forum here, so probably best to nip over there if you’re interested.

We need to get our act together by the end of February to get in.


certainly thinking

Also certainly thinking about it, or am I just getting toooooo old to play this game? I’ve done it so many times, maybe it’s time to stand down and let the younger ones have their glory!! We’ll see!

Wendy’s keen for me to do it again - that’s good of her eh! :roll_eyes:


Your young at heart mate! Do it!

I’m seeing who we can ferry in from over seas to make the numbers up too. I can feel an even more internation team coming on this year.

ps - Remember the last night of UNICON? No? :roll_eyes:

Looks like there are a fair number of people up for it on the UUU forum. Pete (Lofthouse) has (probably) volunteered to sort the entries out as long as people pay up.

@Steve: of course you should do it again!
@Joe: International riders would be cool - Jesper was amazing last year.

Probably best to add yourselves to the list on the UUU forum to keep it all in the same place.

It’s going to be dry this year.


Thanks Joe.

Errr… no, I don’t remember too much about the last night of Unicon, apart from really enjoying myself!! I certainly remember you flashing your… at your opposition at beerpong. Oh…, and drinking way to much of your beer :D:D You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find my hotel…, or maybe you would! :wink:

Same again at the BUC? :wink:

And no, it’s not what people may think…

I’ve never really considered this before, but it looks like great fun. I live pretty close (near Cheltenham) and I could definitely afford the entry fee (it’s £50, right?).

Tell me about the experience! I’ll search for previous threads too, but I’d also like to be actively convinced.

Are there any restrictions for the type of uni used?

I am also thinking about it. I have a feeling I have a clash of events… :frowning:

Mountain Meyhem is great. You do need to be fit and mad to do it though… I think more mad than fit actually.


Well, I think I qualify for mad after LEJOG unsupported, and I’m only getting fitter since I’m training for a marathon and various other things! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the thread jack, but yes Steve, I can imagine how hard it was for you to find your hotel that night! And I’m sure I was only flashing my stomach - Lutz likes that sort of thing. You dont want to know how much I spent in that bar that night - did you hear I left my bag in there, with my passport in? I had to get a new passport the following day to fly to Sydney that afternoon. It was a total nightmere! Anyways, I’m sure we can get some beerpong on the go at BUC for sure :slight_smile:

Regarding MM, you certainly need to be mad. A good level of fittness does help though.

We need 1 more person to make a 3rd team for mayhem the only requirements are that you are over 18 like xc riding and can make it to the event
Please pm if your interested

Not quite on topic but thought this was the best place to post and may amuse.

Was recently skiing and got chatting to a guy I was in a group with. Someone happened to mention I unicycled so he was telling me this story about being in last years (I think) Mountain Mayhem on his MTB.

He’s slogging along uphill being passed by lots of people when he spots a unicycle ahead. Right he thinks at least this is one bugger I can get past. Digging in he overhauls the Uni to see the guy riding is just finishing off eating a snack. Once finished he pushes the wrapper in his pocket, accelerates up to normal speed and disappears into the distance. :smiley:

It got me quite a lot of respect so if it was anyone here, thanks!

ha ha! :slight_smile:

Well Mountain Mayhem has been and gone. One of the best results I think ever. It was great fun as well. :slight_smile:

The course this year had been extended. It contained more single track, some through virgin forest. This made it a harder course than previous years. Luckily it was dry. If you were not racing it was all ridable (except for a 300m downhill rutted dusty steep section that scared all but the best of moutain bikers). For me I walked/run a lot of the new single track when I was on the 36" (I rode it for 3 of my 4 laps). It was pointless attempting to ride it at speed.

The teams were very strong this year, even with being dropped in the shit and losing a rider at the last minute but Alan, Des and Dan gallently strode up and took up the challenge. No Gears - 16 laps - No Handlebars - 15 laps - No Suspension - 11 laps

This put us 110th, 119th, 142nd out of 152 teams.

So “No Gears” beat 27% of the bike teams/riders in one of the toughest mountain bike events in the UK! :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who supported and helped us. I am still suffering the after effects of it.


Yep, it was great fun, I can’t wait for next year! Thanks for the sponsership Roger. :slight_smile:

My favourite section was that steep downhill and the singletrack leading into it, kept me going through my two night laps that did!:smiley:

Indeed it was excellent. Made such a difference having dry weather for a change - as Roger said, it was pretty much all rideable on a unicycle this year (although that bit of singletrack that Roger mentioned and the long rutty grass climb in the middle were quicker on foot). I’ve got a nice yellow bruise on my hip from getting it wrong on that dusty downhill!

Thanks to everyone involved - really enjoyed it.


BTW, if anybody’s interested there are more details (and some pictures) on the UUU forum here.