Mountain Mayhem 2008 (UK 24hr race)

Is anybody else planning on entering Mountain Mayhem this year? I’m assuming pretty much all the people who normally do MM are going to be away riding lobsters. As the only unicyclist in the world who isn’t lobstering (or so it feels!), I’d quite like to do the MM.

So it seems I have two options:

  • Enter it solo, take it fairly easy and see what happens :o
  • Find at least one team mate.

The second option would be much more desirable, so is anybody else up for it?

(It’s the weekend starting 20th June by the way)

Also there is the Sleepless in the Saddle race later in the year of course - presumably the usual suspects will all be back by then though.


There’s no pairs category at mountain mayhem.

You should do it solo.



I was hoping to enter this year, although not done much riding recently. The date is just after my exams finish so i would be free, but not sure how much time I could commit to training, especially as I want to row next term. Still, might well consider it if you can’t get anyone else.

I was hoping to do it this year but unfortunately it clashes with the circus arts festival I am helping to organise.

Anyone not riding lobsters or causing mayhem in the mountains will of course be welcome.


I’m up for it again and I promise to train more so that I won’t be quite as slow as last year.
With most of the regulars away, doing something to a lobster, it will inevitably be a beautiful sunny weekend with sun burn and dehydration the only problems.

If they have a tamden catagory you (Rob and Ian) could tie your muni’s together and do a social solo…:smiley:


Didn’t realise there’s no pairs category. OK, we need four then - or I’ll have to do it solo.

If Ian and Dave are up for it then we ought to be able to find one more.

Tue: nice avatar!


I was admiring that as well, although I’m not so keen on Tue’s suggestion of a tandem!!!:smiley:

I’m certainly up for it, and living locally I was thinking I would go and bag a good pitch as soon as camping opens, stick up a couple of small tents and then go home again. :astonished:

Due to lots of people disappearing off to Canada this year my brother and I have defected once again… we’re doing it in a team of four on b*kes. Yes, I know… it’s only my seventh and I’m already doing it in a really boring, conventional, team-of-four-on-bikes manner. Sorry… :slight_smile:

The entry forms came out at midnight on Friday / Saturday night and it always fills up quick, so if anyone is interested you had better get a form off ASAP (even if it doesn’t have the right people on it, you can always change them later!)


If Ian and Dave are willing to commit to this then it’s probably worth the risk of entering and just hoping we find another team member later.
I don’t want to do it unless we’ve got a good chance of having a team - presumably if we don’t have a full team on the day we (I) will just lose all the entry fee.

Is nobody else interested? It would be nice to have a team plus a reserve really.


If there are only three of you I don’t think there’s anything to stop you racing, but your results won’t “count” as your imaginary team member won’t have done any laps.

You might be able to find someone who wants to do it on a b*ke to fill in…

I could well be up for it, I’m not going to be lobstering but am starting training for another possible venture later in the year.

Since I’ve been too lazy and disorganised to sort out doing the Lobster, I’ll be up for this instead (if it’s not already sold out).

Does that make four then?

I make that five possibly - Me, Ian, Dave, Kit and Liam.

That’ll give us a good chance of having a full team, so I think it’s probably worth the risk of me filling in the form (and paying the entry fee :/)

I’ll PM people to see if they are reasonably sure they’re going to make it (Kit, that means you :p) but it looks like we’re going for it.


I’d like to do it again although i’m not tottaly sure I will be back in the UK then. Maybe put me down as a sub and i can come in last minute if needed like last year.


Thanks Dan. Looks like it’ll be pretty safe to enter a team - I’ll get the form off ASAP.


Sorry, I’ll try not to break any toes this year.

Just wear steel capped boots from now until the race.


Right, our entry is on its way. Let’s hope we get in.
I’ve listed the team as Me, Ian, Kit and Liam, with Dave and Dan as reserves, but it’s easy to change the line-up on the day if we want to.

We should have confirmation of entry (or not) in a week or so. I’ll keep you posted.



I’m not in shape for this year, however if you get rejected (which is likely as places fill up within 3 or 4 hours!) you need to contact Pat Adams directly. He is a big fan of uni’s at the event - as one of the ‘traditional features’. Get in touch if you need contact details, and enjoy both the training and the race :slight_smile: