Mountain Dew Moab

Does anybody know the link to the site where mountain dew is going to post their video for the Moab Muni Fest 2007?
I forgot what the name was…

There’s nothing up yet, or even a mention of MMF or unicycling in general. But here’s the website:

After signing the form to let my face and whatnot be on tv, I was asking the guy what it was all for, and I remember him saying it was gonna be on, but not until june or something. lol

Im sure Rolf knows more about it.

I also signed a release, as did everyone else who was featured on film, and the rep said that it was going to be about a 5 minute documentary about “new extreme sports”, and that it was going to be an online thing, not TV, and it was slated for a May release. I guess we’ll see.

Yep, I checked out, and was checking there schedule, but didnt see anything yet. Im anxious to see how it turns out.

anyone found anything yet from these guys…i havent found anything yet…

anyone found or heard anything about the mountain dew film crew yet?
i still havent found anything!!
i want to see some of their footage soo bad!!!


I really want to see the footage of the fall that made me not able to uni for 3 mojnths…

What did you do? I dont remember you eating it too badly…

Mountain Dew MDTV Video Now Posted!

Well it took a while but the Mountain Dew MDTV video is now available at As of the time of this posting it was rated the highest watched video on their site. It’s short but sweet. Check it out, you are probably in it… :wink:

That was pretty sweet. Wish I could have gone, really bad.

Saw some familiar faces…Jerrick, Terry, Ben, Cody, etc…

Definately good publicity. :smiley:

That was pretty cool. I was in 2 clips and I didn’t know they filmed me.

I wasn’t in the vid

Count your blessings, I didn’t make the cut.:frowning: They really focussed on the younger riders who, incidently, are more exciting to watch. Well, I guess that makes sense. Michael Grant served the older riders well by beating the host in a race to chug down a DEW. Anyway, the video does show a bit of what went on at MMF07 and it’s fun to watch and remember. Who knows what next year will bring… :roll_eyes:

Hehhehe im CIA w00t w00t lol

It’s great publicity but the ott branding was a bit cringeworthy. It’s a bit pants how it says ‘Do not attempt’ at the end as well.
It should say: 'Whatever other aspirations you have for your life forget them right now.

unicycle instead.

It’s dead good.’

the presenter says “not your grand-father’s bike”. :roll_eyes:
Ok I’ll ask for Moab for a 60th birthday present!

I think they did a pretty good job of using camera angles, fast and slow motion to make unicycling look more extreme. There are almost no normal-speed shots, which on TV tend to look small, slow, and fairly goofy.

Yeah it looks great, especially from a non-rider point of view I would say.

Haha I’m actually in several quick shots. :roll_eyes: Usually with the red rim/blue shirt, sometimes on a qu-ax trials I think…

At the end he says “head over to for more hops, tricks, rails and bails”. Does that mean there is extra footage somewere?

That was pretty nicely done, and I’m surprised that I was in so many shots! (Well, like 4 or 5 haha! One shot shows me wearing my “Mountain UNi” T-shirt!:smiley:

Wow! that was bar far the kewlist unicycling video to come out to the “public”. I wish I was in it though.