Mountain CX

Hey I’m getting a Cx and i was wondering if anyone had any opinions on it. (Yes i know it’s a brick in disguise apparently)

Also I was wondering if you ould fit a 24" mountain bike tire in the frame somehow

and will this seat fit the cx?

no i own a cx and you willl never fit a 24" tire on it ad you will need to get a better seat

thnx will that seat fit the cx? and if not what is a good idea for a seat?

i think it will fit but you will probaly want to spend $55 and get akris holm seat

what about his one?

you really should spend the xtra couple bucks and get the torker lx. It’ll handle at least a 2.3 knobby. Much better uni. Stronger wheel, stronger, lighter frame, ok seat, etc.

that saddle looks good

bro heres what you do buy this
and put a nice knoby on it and put some self taping screws in the pedals
you ready to hit the trails and it a way better uni that the cx for all the crap people talk about torkers there not as bad as you would think

but in muni have a big 3.0in tire makes a huge diffrents but for now this is a sweet deal

Yes but don’t bother. It’s pretty much the same as the seat already on it.

Yep. I would definitly go with that.

Obviously, any 24" unicycle will already fit a 24" tire. If you had a 20" wheel then a 24" tire would not fit, but otherwise you are incorrect.

A CX could hold a small knobby tire, yes. But I’m not sure exactly what size will or will not fit, sorry. You could try a 24X1.95" size.

i would go with that!
so long as its not bent.
if not, 24" wheels are good anyhow… you could just get a 24" uni.

One of the few things everyone agrees on, on the forum, especially the cx owners, is it is much better to buy an lx. I prefer the next step up, an ax. They are a lot more $ then an lx most places, but almost the same price here.
This place has the lowest net price for Torkers I have found.

The lx and ax seats aren’t bad. Buy the uni first and see if you like the stock seat.

I can’t get an ax or lx (although i really wanted to) I’m stuck with getting a CX

sorry bro i did read the hole shame on me

:thinking: Why? :thinking: