Mountain bikers and unicyclists

Don’t you just love the way mountain bikers give unicyclists so much respect and are so interested…

Whenever I hear bikers coming up behind me, I voluntarily hop off the side and still stand (periods of 1 second still stands in between hops :frowning: ) and offer them the trail.

It’s amazing how many times I’ve heard, ‘Go ahead man, I want to watch this!’

Even at the 24 hr races

I first had a go of a unicycle when i was a mountian bike, Most of the mountian bikers here should give respect because they know it is more of a chalenge to go down hills etc


Im really glad that we get a good response like that, sometimes(usually from younger skater “punks”) i get the “what a f*g” response. Its usually all talk but ive had to hold my ground at a skatepark once. However the great thing is two of the bike shops here really enjoy my company cause im always there buying stuff and chatting it up, they’ve even offered to me to join their bike club, its mainly a bunch of mountain bikers and racers but there are a few trials riders that i would love to meet, heck i might even go to a meeting. Im hoping to get a sponsorship from them too because one has the best shop and catalogs full of parts (including unicycle specific stuff) and i figure if i go to a few club meetings and show them what i can do i maybe could get a sponsorship and i wouldnt have to spend so much money.

I never read about that guy who rode across the US before. That’s crazy! It looks like just a normal saddle. And he was wearing normal pants, too! No wonder it was painful. I wonder if he still does long-distance unicycling (with an air-saddle, of course now). To me that seems more extreme than the stuff in Universe!


that sounds like a useful sponser.
that is pretty crazy, jees that would hurt!

nice little plug there tugboat :wink:

How funny is that? To find a cool unicycling story I have to find the link in a thread on a Mtn Bike forum.

Reading about unicycling on a forum other then RSU and JC is very entertaining. They seem to have a great respect for the riders’ skill, but not many of them want to try it for themselves. The way the talk about it, you would think the sports are much more different then it really is.



The funny thing is in my opinion bike trials is definetly much more difficult than uni trials, just because the fact that they carry this big metal object and we have more of a body extension. Mtn. biking however does seem a bit easier because you can coast and brake easier and not worry about front and back balance.

Yesterday, the five kids and I were at the school playground riding 2 giraffes a trials, a muni and a couple of regular uni’s when a group of 6 teenage thugs walked up making fun, with lots of profanity thrown in. We were just riding around when they walked up and I could tell they had the old “circus” thing going through their heads, so I rode up nice and close like, with my three inch tire and 26" wheel so they could get a good look, then started riding off of the benches and table seats, did some hopping up some tallish curbs and some suicide mounts etc., then worked on Pecking my way up a big pile of dirt and riding off the steep sides and the kids started doing the same. The thugs got really quiet after that.:wink:


For some bikers and skaters, they need to be wowed before they take you seriously. Luckily, on a unicycle, it’s not that hard to impress 'em :slight_smile:

(unless you’ve just one-upped the head skater, he’ll always shrug you off)