Mountain bike unicycle

While researching another of my hobbies (scuba diving) I stumbled upon this (about halfway down or search for ‘unicycle’):

Anyone know Gordon? The diving gear he makes is very good.


Nickjb, that is one “different” unicycle. Hate to have a UPD to the front. --chirokid–

cool!,looks like it may have gears bad they didnt picture the drive side.

is anyone going to try and contact this guy?

oh yeah?..let me see here…hmmmmmm? oh ya,ok,here we go.

Re: Mountain bike unicycle

I’m wondering if it’s the same Gordon Smith that was designing skateboard equipment in the late 70s (GS Skates). If so, he made good gear for that sport as well…

Tom,it was Gordon and Smith not Gordon Smith.two differant people in the name G&S. there trucks were heavy and sucked BTW.

That cycle looks like a bike frame with unicycle wheel attached where the bottom bracket goes. It would be a little involved to make a working one, so I’d have to think the thing is useable. Otherwise I’d question whether it was just a gag somebody tossed together. It still could be.

But it gives me an idea. As we start to do more and more with handles and attaching “junk” to our unicycles, we’re running into problems with breaking seat posts, seats, etc. I imagine some future unicycles will have frames to support separate seats and handles, as well as whatever else we want to attach. The Telford and Hunter frames were early movements in this direction. Later I think we will see handles on the frame instead of the seat, allowing for much lighter-weight seats. Frames need not be large or complex; just something more involved than what is today basically a bike fork.

i have emailed Gordon,i hope we get some more info on this rig.

I would bet that it is a working unicycle. But I would bet the rear cog is just for looks. Might even have a chain, but it would just be direct drive, doing nothing but spinning around and around.

Because, if he has figured out how to have gears and direct drive, we would all be beating down his front door for the info.

Again I will state, I bet face plants would be really easy with those handlebars up front. --chirokid–

But would it be enough to qualify as an endo?? :slight_smile:

Not if a HOP isn’t considered a Wheelie!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: --chirokid–

Thanks for the correction on the name. I don’t remember sucky trucks…don’t think I ever used them. I was a Tracker or GullWing kind of guy. I seem to remember having a G&S board for a while, though, which I liked a lot.

Hyaaw, but with a frame, the unicycle has “ends!” :slight_smile:

best thread of the day award goes to NICKJB!!!

ok people i got a responce from G.Smith and a rather good one too.hes even got his own vesion of a U.P.D. (unplanned dismount) its A.F.P and a couple of other nice ones.

here is his email back to me.

[i]It’s nice to find out that there are a few other demented people out
there! :slight_smile:

I built the unicycle about five years ago while we were doing a project
one of the Japanese bicycle companies for making titanium sprockets. I
decided that people were getting too ridiculous about their mountain
and built the mountain bike unicycle as a spoof of the hard core
bike clan.

It is absolutely deadly. I have managed to ride it a few hundred feet
at a
time but that is about all. I’m also 53 years old with a good sense of
preservation (also referred to as a BOF, boring old fart). A fall
results in getting tangled in the handlebars accompanied by an AFP
face plant). Falling backwards is better but if you don’t let go of the
handlebars the bike can get some serious air and tends to descend onto
rider. There aren’t any gears as such but there is a 2:1 reduction from
pedals to the wheel. I tried mounting the pedals directly to the wheel
a conventional unicycle but the mountain bike tire was large enough to
it impossible (for me) to ride. There are two brakes but they got
A/T levers. As in “ass over teakettle”. We tried calling them AOT
but that was just another TLA (three letter acronym). :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you saw it but there was a caption that went with the

“The doctor says that if I continue to show improvement someday they’ll
me go for a ride on the other side of the fence.”

Let me know if you want any further details about the bike.

Gordon Smith[/i]

pretty cool guy eh?

the internet ROCKS!

Yes Jagur, a very cool guy indeed!

 Nice work.
  • Frank

Jagur, thanks for contacting G.Smith, that was indeed a nice and informative e-mail. --chirokid–

who was the guy who posted fairly regularly for a while who rides a slightly modified b*ke frame?
he removed the front wheel but still had his gears available and had an extra brake installed to help him stay up
he was doing some serious 1 hour and 100 miler type stuff if i recall


Re: best thread of the day award goes to NICKJB!!!

Does someone with a little time on their hands want to email Gordon and get a few more pictures? Our firewall is a bit hard to get around here. If not, I’ll have a go at the weekend.


Re: Re: best thread of the day award goes to NICKJB!!!

i’ve already sent another asking for some drive side photo’ responce yet though.


that was Unibiker,he hasnt posted in a long time.

That was (is) unibiker. He just recently moved to Louisiana and may have been too busy with the move to post lately.