Mount Venice . . .

. . . is no mountain, just a eighty-foot high hillside above a grassy park set back a quarter mile from the water near the Pico Blvd. Pier in Santa Monica, California. Since the place is so accessible it long ago became a practice Muni ground and for most West LA riders was the place we all learned rolling hops and big drops as well as bombing down steep dirt chutes betweeen runs over tiered drops up to six feet (many much higher on the flanks). The park is frequented by bathing beauties, drunks and feral curs and we´ve almost run over them all (sorry, Dood). Many have plowed regular grooves in the grass following horrific UPDs. The green face plant is a badge of honor. The place is about 100 yards long and is a total blast and even after three years we haven´t exhausted even a third of the possibilities. There are so many different stair bits and retaining walls and bits of cement build up that drops with shocking steep roll outs number in the thousands. Don and I were there the other day and I snapped off some shots which Don said he would post (thanks Don).

I trust we will never tire of Mount Venice. As an after - work haunt, it is second to none in this area. Muniing at the beach is good living.


Jouhn, did you even see the video I made, edited and posted of our ride at Mt Venice?:smiley:

sweet…i can’t wait to see the pics of this place. i’ve heard a lot about it!

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO! It’s a quickie but shows me and john there from about a week ago. That’s also where I lost my camera, but miraculously got it back 2 days ago. MY account of the amazing return of it is posted)

Video link:

That’s a cool little hill!

We should include it on the rides when CMW eventually is in LA. :slight_smile:


YES! Just know that the video doesn’t come CLOSE to showing the actual and true height of some of those higher drops!

Maybe not quite 80 feet high, unless you are remembering what it feels like looking down from the top of one of the chutes, but a total blast!

One of several terraced sections

University of Rolling Hop

One of a gazillion seemingly custom designed drops

Sketchy grass roll out

Hard to find purchase on the steep grass

Six of these in a row and Don gets skilz at spinning the cranks while airborn.

Biggest challenge is avoiding dozing bums and empty Olde English 800 bottles

Six foot tier is hell on gear (flatish roll out).

Pinch flat - party over.










Hey JL,

I’m living in Santa Monica around Pico & 14th Thursday nights - Monday Mornings and still in Santa Barbara the rest of the time. I’d love to hook up with you guys and do some urban riding to try and get my skills going again. Had back surgery last January and been a little nervous about getting back on the steed. Feeling pretty good and would love to hang out.


Hi, Matt. Haven´t heard from you in ages. I´m in Venezuela just now but will be back on July 21 so make sure and PM me. There´s a growing group of West LA riders so it´s easy to hook on the local rides. Love to see you. You invited me on my first Muni ride - Jesusita - Feb., 05. Almost killed me. Never been the same.


Been there, done that.

I’d love to get back there now that I’ve acquired better skills.

…And the truth shall set you free.

I’m going back there tomorrow to shoot some video and get better angles than in the last video. I’ve done all the drops, but hopefully it will look more like it does in person!:smiley:

Looks like a fun hill. Where is that exactly?

OOOOOOoooooooh. LA MUni Weekend. I hope you guys are thinking about it. Would you like to do 2008 or 2009? :slight_smile:

Yes that looks like a great little training ground. Also it’s inspiring to watch two fifty-somethings pound down those drops over and over. Yet another reminder that I’ve still got things to learn, and years to take off.


Howabout next month!:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, some of us old farts can still manage a few “cody-esque” drops! (But without his trademark 360 while dropping! :astonished: )

Isn’t every weekend a California MUni Weekend? At least that’s my goal. :wink:

Haha, for me it’s almost every day! :sunglasses: