mount question...

in terms of skill levels…are the rollback mount and static mount considered the same thing. or are they totally different and there fore 2 seperate mounts. just wanted to kno .



I thought that, in terms of the 10 skill levels, they weren’t different…so when you need four different mounts or whatever, those don’t count as two separate ones.

James is right. Much as I think it is unfair because the mounts feel quite different for me, they count as mere variations for the levels.

i stand corrected… i dont know why i posted that… cause i was going off my own oppinion : )


Re: mount question…

If the two moutns in question are where you pedal backwards a half turn
to get the uni under you and where you mount with no backpedaling at
all, then those are considered two different mounts. I read it
somewhere on, but I can’t find it right now. It was
either on a list of tricks/mounts or a page with some rules on it.


I think they do not count as two seperate mounts, but it is possible they do (suddenly makes the all the levels a bit easier…). I am pretty sure the jump mount and free jump mount count differently, and those are very similar, so maybe they should count.

I think there are different doing a good static is not so easy then a rollback.

while we’re on the subject, are different footed mounts counted? it would more or less double your mount count, but then i’m not sure i could do a jump mount left-footed, and learned the left-footed static mount not so long ago…

This question keeps popping up from time to time. John Foss (someone who should know) has repeatedly stated that static and rollback mounts are mere variations of the standard mount, and therefore not acceptable as different mounts for level testing, see e.g. . Nevertheless, can anyone tell where we can find an official source for this, e.g. any published level rules?

On the other hand, could Amanda / Sarah and jonathan supply proof for their statements that they are considered different?

mount with uni behind me?

Is a roll forward mount the same or different as a standard mount? Not sure what it would be called, but I put the unicycle behind me seat between my legs, place a foot on the forward pedal and press, the wheel rolls forward from behind me and I step on the other pedal.


That’s commonly called a back mount, or backwards mount, it is a different recognised mount to the others mentioned in this thread.

Hey thanks! That’s good news.
Happy New Year!