Mount Question

I recently purchased a unicycle w/ a 36" wheel and 6" cranks.

How do I self mount it? It just seems that the crank to radius ratio does not allow enough leverage to move the wheel backward and have the seat move up.

I have no problem self mounting w/ a 20" or 24" unicycle.

Thank you for any input.

Are your legs long enough??? If you can actually physically ride it, then you should be able to figure a mount out somehow. Put that seat all the way down until you can get it… Also, shorter cranks will make it not need as much extension from your legs, but probably a lot harder to control.

Thank you for your post. I can physically ride it if I hold on to something to get started.

I got it two days ago and have not figured out the freemounting of it yet. It is a whole different animal from what I have been use to.

Search on rolling mount, or coker mount (coker freemount). It’s like a rolling mount, only the wheel doesn’t actually need to roll during the mount part. You use your forward momentum to help get you up there.

Just start with the back pedal at about the 6 o’clock position.
It’s the same as a 24" uphill mount, except the back pedal should be lower. It will rise for the occasion.

The way I was shown to mount the Coker easily the first time I got on one was to grab the tire in front and pull myself up while stepping on the rear pedal as with a normal mount. I found it easy to do.

The next step was just learning to spring harder off of my “ground” foot while stepping on the rear pedal. You have to get your weight up over center. You don’t want to do a rollback because then you will have to reverse the direction of that big heavy wheel.

The mount John described is even better, but I didn’t start doing that until later and it may be a little intimidating at first.

I am not sure how Changinglink’s mount would work, since the pedals would be vertical and when you step on the one at 6 oclock the other will be at 12 oclock and you would have no power to get the wheel going. Unless he means to do it rolling.

Just stick with it, mostly. The Coker is slower and heavier, and has a longer pendulum arm, but basically it’s the same as the other unis.

Ordinary riders regularly do static, rolling, rollback, side, jump, and other mounts with the Coker wheel.

I’m not very tall (5’5" ) and I free mount my coker just like a regular rollback mount and a stationary mount on a 20", but I jump to get on the seat. It took about 4 hours of practice to get it 2/3 of the time, but then I felt I was ready to ride it our on trails without posts etc. No problems at all now!

I did have an idea that I haven’t heard menitioned, though I haven’t tried it. If you roll the coker back to a curb or step before mounting and stand on the curb or step, then would the seat not feel so high? Maybe too far away. I’m away from my unis just now, so i cannot try. That may be a silly idea.

Keep with it as U-Turn suggests. A method that works for you will come!

My only riding video :slight_smile: can be seen here about 4 entries across… a side mount.

I was trying to describe a static mount.
The wheel rolls a 1/4 turn (+) on the way up.

After I get up, I stomp down hard (mentally anyway) on the front pedal.

The whole wheel grabbing thing turned out to be another skill (that I didn’t want to develop) for me, so I just started mounting “normally” (while making exceptions for the loss of torque).

I usually use the mount that Scott (S_Wallis) described and it works well for me

I use a curb (as you mentioned), when I’m tired and one is nearby. It makes the leap onto the saddle much easier :smiley:

Having had mixed success mounting my Coker, I set out today to figure out what worked.

What worked:
Bottom pedal between 7 and 8 o’clock
Hands holding onto GB/4 handle
Left foot on resting on bottom pedal
I step down hard on the bottom pedal, using it as a step stool to quickly boost my self up onto the saddle and at the same time placing right foot onto other pedal.
Lean forward and ride off…

If bottom pedal rises up causing your foot and leg to follow but the rest of you is still standing. The pedal was too high to start and/or you didn’t step hard enough onto the pedal.

Hope that this helps.

Here is a movie I made with some coker freemounts in it :smiley: