Mount Graylock Hill climb

I just climbed Mount Graylock in western Massachusetts on Saturday. My time was 1:07:22

One of the more difficult hills I have done because some parts are too steep for a 36" wheel but there are some down hills that you need a 36!

I went with the 36 and struggled up some 15% sections and spun as fast as my legs would let me on some flats and one down hills. The road is a constantly changing pitch. The lower half was steeper in general but had a nice down hill. The upper half was in general more consistent but went to a 4% for the last mile to the top. The 36 with 170mm cranks was ideal for that part of it.

I did not find any accounts of a uni on Graylock before so maybe its a first accent? If someone wants to pick some low hanging fruit, a 29" guni would be the way to go next year. Its 9 miles but could easily be broken.

Will I see a few uni climbers at Allan Clark in Vermont.