Mount Crested Butte, Durango, and more?

I am heading out to Crested Butte CO from Tampa this weekend and have decided to bring along a KH 24. We will be in Crested Butte for about 4 nights then moving south to Durango for a few nights. A few other stops after that
then ending up in Breckenridge. A total of 2 weeks in Colorado

I am an intermediate rider willing to push my limits a bit and am looking for any suggestions for riding.
Any input would be great


My two cents:
Monarch Crest Trail

I live in Breckenridge, holler when you’re here! I can show you a great ride!


I will be in Breckenridge on the 28th thru 31st. Arriving late on the 28th but leaving early on the 31st. I will PM you when the time is closer and would love to ride
Thanks for the offer