Mount brake bosses for < $10cdn

(all prices are in Canadian currency)

I just went to a bike store, and purchased 2 brake bosses. $3.45(after tax, for both)

While waiting for my friend to get a welder, and debating wether or not to let him try (he’s welded very little in his life) I picked up 2 hose clamps from work (they would be about $1.50 each)

I drilled a hole in the ‘band’ of the hose clamp (for the post to slide through), keeping in mind that when I screwed them tight, I wanted the ‘screw’ part inside, away from legs.

I put the brake post through the hole, held it in place, clamped it down right tight, and voila, they don’t budge, and can be lowered if I change wheel sizes.

NOTE: This will only work with a Magura hydraulic brake, as the hose clamp covers the hole that the pin of a V brake would fit into.
As well, the Maggie offers a variety of adjustments after mounted.

I am very happy with this, it doesn’t look at all ugly. And brakes on a MUni make as big of a difference on your ride as (bike haters beware) suspension does on your mountain bike!:smiley:

Photos, please. I’m trying to picture how compromised hose clamps can withstand the force applied by a hydraulic brake cylinder and caliper and I’m missing something.

I don’t have a digi-cam (yah yah, it’s 2002)

With the brake booster, there really isn’t very much pressure being exerted on the bosses. I really hammered down on the lever (figure of speech, I just squeezed it as hard as it would go)
And when MUni-ing, I only use about 1/3 of the lever squeeze tops…there’s no need to lock up the wheel.

It held up for one ride so far, I’ll let every one know if it fails…but it won’t.

My scanner isn’t even working, to draw a pic…maybe I’ll make something up on the computer this weekend

What I forgot to mention…

use a bolt and washer to hold the brake booster into place, instead of just the bolt as in regular setup.

With the booster and cylinders attached, it is all one solid unit. The brake posts really only hold the unit in place…there is very little outward pressure exerted on them in MUni use