Either I’m totally out of the loop or this is news to everybody who didn’t just get the new issue of Popular Science.

Using simialr tecnology to that used in the Segways, the people at Bombardier (in Montreal) are making a motor unicycle.

At 12 MPH and less it used a “landing-gear” to keep balance but aftrer 12 you can pump it up all the way to highway speeds where you will cruise on just one wheel. It uses hydrogen fuel cells to fuel it, and gyroscopes to keep the balance. As of now it is just being built and no working model yet exists.

Oh man! This is so freakin’ cool!

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And don’t forget the intrepid Jackie Chabanais:

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It’s certainly news to me! Thanks! They HAVE to make it with a manual override! Who needs microprocessors, sensors, and gyros! A wheel. An engine. A throttle. And one brave unicyclist.

Dave (uni57), who is on his way to the bookstore to buy the magazine…