Motorized Unicycle

I haven’t found a picture of anyone riding it, but it looks cool.



That looks brilliant!


Anyone know who’s it is???

Go to, do a search for “electric unicycle” and you’ll find several videos of one or more motorized unicycles.

And I once experienced why the exhaust pipe is like that!

But the number sais “2”, so where are numbers 1, 3?, 4?

wow thats so cool, would it be possible to make one at home? i hope so, if not i beg to differ lol
it must be so fun to ride

this has appeared before on here, i think it was more of an art piece than a working model, there are various clues, such as the shock absorber which connects two parts of the same rigid frame together and therefore serves no useful purpose. Also the fact that the rider’s weight is very far behind the wheel makes it impossible to balance unless you leant an extremley long way forward.