motorized unicycle

I just had to post this “curiousity”. I really love the cranks on this. I wonder if it free wheels?

Wow, if I lived close I’d buy that. It looks pretty sweet!

It’s a totally silly product, but a decent deal for $90. The newer version of the same thing retails for $1750; I think this one was $1500 when it was new.

Exactly, I’d sell it on ebay and make some money for a not silly unicycle.

Looks like a scam to me, but what do I know.

It begs the question though … Has anyone thought of a BC wheel-like contraption with a fork, seat and motor? If you positioned the foot pads sufficiently below the axle and put the motor controls either on the seat or foot pads … It may be, just may be, rideable for a little while, before the inevitable crash and burn.

Like this but with a seat? It’s been done.

if the motor were sophisticated enough to make microadjustments to keep balance for you it might work but I have a hard time believing this contraption is that sophisticated.

Well, they sell for ~300$-500$ regularly on ebay, so I would imagine that they work.

okay so google is my friend, this does have such control systems so is legit. Just a first generation model which makes it look pretty amateur.

If this is the same one I’m thinking of it works, turns, stops, etc and the maker said they had taken it up to 20 mph.

The latest version:

Solowheels seem to work perfectly well. I’ve seen a couple of people riding them:

Don’t make me go there. Where is that smokin’ hot Miss Ayelery when you need her?

Sorry Sir Harper Grammar … You are correct, it raises the question… And I begs you forgiveness:D

And skilewis- yes that’s it exactly- thanks

Looks kinda like the one in a video I found

One of the things I like about unicycling is that it is, to a degree, somewhat self-selecting. That is, if someone is completely uncoordinated, they probably won’t be riding around on one, endangering themselves and others. However, given enough time and energy, most people can learn to ride, and by the time they do, their coordination and skill will have risen the required amount to generally keep them more or less out of trouble. (Assuming they’re just riding around in a normal fashion.) These motorized, self-balancing things take that element out of the equation. Anybody of pretty much any skill level, from what I can see, can get on and off they go. Just because anyone now can ride one, doesn’t mean they should. I predict product liability lawsuits.

Just one curmudgeon’s opinion. (Yes, I realize this is probably “preaching to the choir.”)

My opinion exactly…

It’s not like riding a Segway. Even for experienced unicyclists, it takes some practice to even get going on one. Yes, it’s way easier than pedaling a unicycle, but the average uncoordinated person will still improve their life skills by mastering one of those.

Plus I don’t think they will “dilute the gene pool”. Riding a motorized unicycle does not make you a “regular” unicyclist (you don’t count). But people who have one of those as their first unicycle are probably more likely to learn to ride a normal unicycle someday as well. Good for our sport!

Which is from this Instructable (which has just appeared in my inbox as one of their featured items)

Of course it isn’t totally self-balancing - I’m still thinking about trying to make a unicycle robot which is (using a centre joint to steer by inertia in the same way you do by waving your arms around), though the control software isn’t going to be straightforward.

I too am considering trying to design a motorized/self-balancing uni. I think I might start designing one in SolidWorks (Cad program) next week. I’ll post my work here.

If you want to avoid doing all the work yourself, take a look at Trevor Blackwell’s drawings and parts lists: